Friday, 2 August 2019

Summer Exchange with Needlecraft Haven

Yesterday was Opening Day for Needlecraft  Haven's Summer Exchange.  Those members who signed up had to choose between a dog or cat theme - I chose dog. 

We had to then stitch a pin cushion for our partner, and send it with a card signed 'love from everyone at Needlecraft Haven' as it was a secret exchange. That said with just four of us signing up I think we all knew who was sending to who, obviously I did as I organised the exchange hee hee

I was sending to Mary who chose a dog theme and Mary was sending to me ... I also wanted a dog themed pin cushion. I decided to stitch Lizzie Kate's 'dog leave paw prints' chart and made a pin cushion using an old Pandora charm box. I loved the design and planned to stitch it for myself when I get a chance.

I was absolutely delighted when I opened my parcel yesterday morning .... Mary had stitched me the same design. I absolutely love it. She has made a box finish pin cushion which will be perfect when I'm using the sewing machine ... I have quite a bit of machine sewing to do soon too. 

My gorgeous pin cushion from Mary
As well as the pin cushion Mary also sent three doggy charms, some beautiful fabric and a wheel of pins. Thank you Mary for a super exchange parcel.

My Summer Exchange from Mary
As I said I stitched the same design but I stitched it over one so it would fit on top of the small box. I couldn't find a charm small enough for the bone so had to stitch one instead. Inside I lined the box with some dog fabric and made a soft cushion for pins using felt and wadding. I have not made one of these before, it turned out really well and I might make one for myself (using a different design) for when I'm hand sewing as I use less pins than when machine sewing. 

I found a small dog cross stitch kit in my stash so added it to Mary's Exchange parcel and luckily I found a dog card in my card box. I've really enjoyed taking part in this year's Needlecraft Haven Summer Exchange. 

The top of the box pin cushion I made for Mary
Mary's pin cushion box from the side

Inside the box
The Summer Exchange Parcel I sent to Mary

For Gifted Gorgeousness July I had nothing to share so offered two charts as gifts - my lovely Hubby has picked the winners ....... drum roll ......

Shepherd's Bush Be Warm was won by Ariadne 

Lizzie Kate's One Hundred Years was won by Rachel 

I'll be emailing you both and popping the charts in the post soon - congratulations.

This month I will have a few gifts to share, two special ones as yesterday our daughter and her boyfriend moved into a new flat .... no more sharing with others .... and I have stitched them a little something sssshhhhh!


  1. What a lovely gift exchange. I love how you both did the same pattern and finished them in different ways.

  2. Both the box and pincushions are great uses for this very sweet chart!!

  3. Great finishes of the same design you and Mary chose. Pretty extras too.

  4. WHAT a nice idea, I like such exchange surprises very much, you are always happy surprised what comes.
    The dog motif is definitely very successful, great finishes.

  5. I love this pattern! I was gifted this myself several years ago, it is such a good one!! And you two did such a fine job of it for each other. Clare I love the doggies inside the box!

  6. I love that you both stitched the same piece but finished them so differently! So even though you organized it, you still had a nice surprise.
    I still need to blog about mine, hopefully tomorrow.

  7. How ironic that out of all the dog patterns available you both chose the same one! They made two beautiful gifts. :)

  8. Clare that is the sweetest stitch for a dog lover. You know what they say about great minds. I'm going to have to buy that pattern too and stitch it for so many of my friends that have great dogs. We don't have one at present but I'm Aunt RJ to all my friends sweet dogs. My internet has been down (guys working in our neighborhood all week) so I'm just catching up with everyone. Hope you have a great week. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  9. Fantastic exchanges. I love dogs so of course love the finished designs. They both turned out just perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  10. How much fun that you both chose the same design. Both gifts are lovely!

  11. That's a lovely exchange. What are those dogs inside your box? Are they stitched? I am so happy I won, thank you so very much. AriadnefromGreece!

  12. What a great exchange, great minds really do think alike!

  13. Oh my goodness, how wonderful to have received the same stitching back, but in a subtly different way. Lovely gifts all around.


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