Sunday 1 December 2019

Christmas is a coming

Happy December everyone ... it time to start the festivities, although life is a little different for us just now.

Sadly my Mother-in-law's partner passed away earlier this month, they had been together over 22 years. They lived in a small remote village and for various reasons, mainly because she no longer drives, she will be moving to be nearer us and Hubby's sister, brother and our families. At the moment she is living with us and occasionally staying with Hubby's sister, a different life for us all.

John was a big part of our family and shared many happy times with us all as you can see from these photos, he'll be very sadly missed. The huge family group was my Mother-in-law's 80th birthday in 2016, we were all together even relatives who live overseas.

Today was Opening Day for Needlecraft Haven's Christmas Exchange. I have opened my parcel, it's superb .... I'll be able to share soon once my parcel has been opened by my partner. It's a secret exchange so as yet I have no idea who my parcel is from.

Last week we (Hubby, myself and Mother-in-law) spent a few days in Cardiff visiting our daughter and boyfriend. Today is his 30th birthday so we helped him start the celebrations a week early.

30 (minus 7 days) birthday cake 
Perfect apron and of course a bottle of bubbles!
This is their first Christmas in a flat of their own, no more sharing with others, so I stitched a special ornament for them. The chart was an Etsy purchase from BirdSaysTweet, it came with three other designs which are all lovely.

Our daughter is also crafty, she has been making things for their flat for Christmas and also for his big birthday. She surprised us with a beautiful Christmas wreath - I'm not sure it will be put away after the festivities.

And so the Christmas preparation begins ... enjoy it all, it is a special time to show love and care to all.


Christine said...

Great ornaments Clare, the cork wreath is so you

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It is nice that your MIL's partner got to spend time with his extended family and makes some memories for you all.
Love the cork wreath too, you can tell who she takes after for craftiness!

butterfly said...

Lovely post Clare .
Happy Birthday to the Birthday boy.

Your MIL's partner had a lovely family and happy Memories .
Your stitching looks beautiful , I really love the design and finish .
Enjoy your week.

Astrids dragon said...

I'm sorry about John's passing, I'm sure it will be a big adjustment for you all.
You stitched them an adorable ornaments and your daughter did a great job on your wreath! I'm sure all the corks were chosen with care?!