Thursday, 2 April 2020

I'm home

Morning all ..... I'm home 🙂

I won't lie yesterday was not the nicest days I've had. 8.30am at Coventry Hospital for a pre-op procedure (you don't want to know and I'm not telling 🤫) followed by an operation at Nuneaton in Day Theatre and finally home 7.30pm 😔

I'm feeling ok, bit washed out but the scar is in a less restrictive place so a bit easier than last time. It's a pj day as that is easier to check my dressings but not a sofa day as I'm hoping to enjoy a coffee outside as the sun is shining.

I am still self isolating, as are Nick and Michael; my follow ups will be by phone but I have a scheduled hospital appointment later in April, this of course may change. So now it's a time to get stronger, get the last bits of drugs out my body, calm my mind and hope the op results are good.

I cannot thank the NHS staff enough: my consultant, the Breast Care nurses, the radiographers, the theatre staff, the recovery team and everyone who works behind the scenes to keep it all going. Focus on the news is the virus but the NHS is still looking after other patients, certainly less in numbers and I think soon this will change. Patient wise we were very small in number, usually one in one but we were spaced apart and I only saw three other patients, I was the only one in theatre recovery whereas before the bays have been full.

All staff were protected for my safety and theirs, face masks on everyone, one dedicated nurse per patient, constant hand washing, changing gloves and aprons (why I think there is a shortage, they get through so many so quickly) and sanitising everything. One nurse is now off three days ... her priority is the ease her hands, they were red raw from the constant washing, hand gel, glove routine .... it really is dedication 😍

Thank you so much for all your messages, it's been a long, troublesome road that happened out the blue and hit us all. Your kindness has really helped, thank you 😘😘😘

Our son Michael has stayed home too, great cooking ... he's thinking of making pretzels next 😘 With technology help Philippa have been chatting online, she lives in Cardiff with her partner Michael, it's hard being separated but it's good to video call so we do see each other 😘😘

HUGE thank you to my amazing hubby Nick, I could not have got through this without him both at hospital visits, at home looking after me and supporting me emotionally .... I know yesterday was a long day for both of us 😍

Hopefully the news will be good when I next see my consultant and the next steps will be a little easier, thank you everyone, stay safe x xx


  1. Well I can imagine your relief now that procedure is over, I'm still sending you positive vibes and thoughts for a good outcome.
    We are extremely lucky with our NHS, they all to the most wonderful job in normal times but in this crisis they are our heroes. Take care of yourself xx

  2. Hi, It's Lynda Ruth from Purple Pixie Dust. I do hope the news is good for you and you stay healthy. I make allot of bread and buns and bagels but have not tried to make pretzels yet. Probably like bagels you put in water before cooking. I am guessing on that part. Yes, we still have alittle snow but it is raining and it will soon be all gone. Big big hugs love Lynda Ruth

  3. What a relief. I hope you get nothing but fantastic news. Enjoy your resting and recovery.

  4. God bless you my friend. I am so glad this part is done and over. Rest up, stay well, and take care.

  5. Hi Clare,
    It must have been a very scary day for you. Glad to read how well the staff looked after you.
    How lovely that your son is able to be home with you and hubby!
    Hope you rest well and take care.
    Barbara xx

  6. It's good that this part is all over and the recovery can being in earnest now.
    Happy times ahead ....
    with love xx

  7. Glad that part is all over now and went OK. Lovely flowers.

  8. So glad to hear that you are home and everything went well. Sounds like you have a great recovery plan in place with great family support. Hope your doctor has only positive results for you.
    Continue to rest and get stronger!

  9. Glad youre back home and okay, lovely flowers

  10. I pray that the worse is over for you, Clare. Good to see that you are sounding so cheerful in your posts.

  11. Glad the procedure went well and you are home safely. I think we are very lucky that we have all this technology to keep in contact with everyone during these strange times - it makes it a little easier! Rest well and recover soon x

  12. So happy you are home and now able to just rest, recuperate, and regain your strength, Clare. That must have been terrifying having to go out and have the procedure done during this virus pandemic. So glad you are safe at home with your husband and son ♥

  13. I'm glad it's over and that the hospital was so good to you. Praying for your recovery and good results.
    Even though you don't have your entire family with you, it's great that you can still "see" Philippa.
    Take care, sending hugs your way!


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