Friday, 27 March 2020

As summertime begins

It's been a beautiful few days and I have been able to make the most of it doing a few bits and bob's in the garden. Our spring bulbs are looking lovely and now I have cleared away some winter decay everywhere is looking brighter.

On a personal note life turned upside down a bit this week with the hospital calling to say my chemotherapy was being stopped due to the high risk if I caught coronavirus. That said the doctors have decided to do my lumpectomy earlier than initially planned and today I have been to the hospital for my pre-op. It was a very unnerving visit, not just because of the details of my op,  but the worry of the virus. I have been in isolation at home for over 10 days, Hubby and son have been for eight so it felt wrong to be visiting such a public place. The hospital does have many precautions in place, in all four departments I visited the staff were so caring when they themselves must be concerned. I am sure I am fine .... just need to get my head round what's happening next. My op will be (hospital still working due the virus permitting) next Wednesday ..... I did ask if it could be after noon ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have been busy stitching, Needlecraft Haven has it's annual Easter Exchange coming up. We are delaying posting but still finishing our ornaments. Mine is stitched and I hope to finish it soon, I'll share when I can.

I have completed Block 3 of the Needlecraft Haven Stitching the Night Away SAL. I'm really enjoying these designs, this time I used the same thread as Block 2 but the darker part of the variegation.

Finally I have stitched two more flower heads for my bouquet, I have also received some beautiful flowers in the post but I'll share those in April's Gifted Gorgeousness post.
This weekend here in the UK we move our clocks forward into summertime, for a while we will have darker mornings but our nights will be lighter for much longer. I think we will all feel a little brighter as we move towards the summer, although they have said it will be a little cold for the next few days.

I'll close with my spring tree from Jardin Prive, I have all four trees and change them in the frame depending on the season. Stay safe everyone, make use of our wonderful technology to keep in touch with your families and friends .... keep stitching !


  1. Lovely flowers Clare, both stitched and in the garden.
    Sending lots of positive thoughts for your op

  2. Clare, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for your op. I am glad that moved it up and did not postpone it as that is happening here with people that need operations. Your flowers are lovely. Stay well...Mary

  3. Your garden is looking good, Clare. It's great that you are able to do some work in it. With your operation being forward, it will be one thing less for you to worry about. Hugs.

  4. Oh, Clare--I'm sure this sudden change in your treatment is worrisome. I hope and pray that all goes well with your operation on Wednesday. Think positively and perhaps it is good to get it done sooner rather than later. Sending you a big hug ♥

  5. Your garden looks lovely, I am so pleased that I actually remembered to plant some bulbs last autumn.
    I do hope everything goes smoothly for you this week. It's a very worrying time but you are in the best hands.

  6. Garden is looking lovely, it does boost the spirits to see some spring colour out the window doesn't it?
    {{hugs}} i'll be thinking of you Wednesday x

  7. Praying that your op goes well.
    Your garden looks nice.Happy to hear that your are stitching for the exchange and SAL.The flowers are lovely

  8. I think everyone has been enjoying the bit of sunshine we had, it's been a lovely change from all that rain.
    Wishing you well with your op tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you x

  9. I am sorry to hear about your chemo being stopped for now but I will say a prayer for your lumpectomy. Beautiful stitching you have completed. I work in a weekly rotation schedule and plan on starting that Quilt SAL today!

  10. Hello Clare,

    Happy Spring to you. Your flowers must bring so much comfort to you. Hope everything goes well with the op. Positive thoughts and love coming from down under.
    Happy stitching.

  11. Lovely stitched and real flowers. I hope your operation still went ahead and has gone well today x

  12. I keep you in my thoughts every day. I know it's very scary for your health. I hope they can get everything taken care of for you. I need to get my exchange piece done. Been crazy lately and stitching just wasn't feeling right. Now it is though. Just need to get caught up on blog reading. So far behind.

  13. Bring on spring and the flowers, your area looks lovely.
    Continued prayers for you, dear Clare.
    Your SAL looks good so far and I love your pink flowers and spring tree.


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