Thursday, 14 May 2020

May's Gifted Gorgeousness

It's Gifted Gorgeousness time, a time when we post about :-
  • any chart, kit, thread, fabric or finishing item received as a gift
  • any chart, kit, thread, fabric or finishing item won in a giveaway or competition 
  • any chart, kit, thread, fabric or finishing item purchased using a voucher received as a gift or won in a giveaway or competition 
  • any chart, kit, thread, fabric or finishing item you have gifted to someone else

This super blogging idea, which happens on the 15th of each month, is hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching - thank you Jo 😘

Well until just a short while ago I thought I would be passing on taking part this month but my wonderful friends and Mr Postie had other ideas.

My first gift was completely unexpected from a stitcher I have known for many years. Chris and her daughter came to the 2007 Nuneaton Meet Up - I confess my memory is not that good but that particular year some stitchers stayed over in local hotels. Chris and her daughter decided to stay and as the Saturday evening was the Eurovision Song Contest we invited anyone staying to our house to enjoy the fun .... I remember the UK song was 'Flying the Flag' by Scooch - we came 22nd !

Chris sent me such a beautiful and very personal biscornu, along with a gorgeous scissor fob and pink scissors. Love, Cure, Pink, Hope and Faith are such important words when fighting breast cancer, Chris' gift moved me to tears, thank you so much Chris 😘

My lovely friend Julie also surprised me with this beautiful heart. It is one of the Winter Challenge designs on Needlecraft Haven, I was so touched that Julie stitched it for me, it's perfect - thank you Julie 😘

In the post this week I also received two beautiful flowers from Lynne in Australia aka Elfie at Elfin Stitches. Lynne stitched a beautiful Australian wattle flower and a gorgeous daisy ring, they will both look great on my tree - thank you Lynne 😘

But it didn't stop there, I also received a superb purple pansy from June aka Butterly at Butterfly Wings. I am so touched by these beautiful flowers - thank you June 😘

My Mum has been busy too, she does tatting and has made these hanging flowers, buttons and flower chain on ribbon which I can use around the tree bucket - thanks Mum 😘

I haven't gifted anything this month and as it is my right arm that is broken I'm not sure what I'll be doing just now. I do have a card stitched that I hope DH can help me finish. I had a special project to do too but that may have to wait.

Lynne also sent me this beautiful poinsettia ornament that will hang on our tree here at home, thanks Lynne.

I am so grateful for your kindness in stitching and sending flowers for my tree. There is no need to finish the flower into an ornament, or to send anything else. I'm hoping that just a card and the flower will keep the postage down as well as staying within the customs regulations.

I do have a parcel coming that I've had to pay a charge on, hopefully a mistake and I can claim it back ... I have no idea who or where it is from as they don't say until you pay !

Thank you for making what would have been a very empty post into a very busy one 😘


  1. Claire , the biscornu you received is so beautiful. The heart ornament by Julie is so lovely.
    Lovely flowers received for your tree.
    I'm missing receiving and sending post . Hope you are doing well.

  2. What a beautiful gifts from lovely friends .
    Hope you are doing ok.
    Stay safe and hope your arm mends soon.

  3. Beautiful gifts you have received!! How it must have made your day to open up such lovely stitched treasures. I hope your in less pain and feeling better.

  4. A post filled with lovely things.
    I'm pleased the heart had the desired effect when it arrived and brightened your day.
    I have the biscornu, scissors and fob here that I stitched myself when it was a fundraiser for breast cancer.
    Pretty flowers for the tree and nice tatting by mum (that's something I have never tried).

  5. Such beautiful gifts you have received from or thoughtfully kind friends.

  6. A terrific selection of gifts, Clare.
    Looking at the flowers you have received - does this mean that they can have some leaf/foliage around them?

    1. Mine and most of the ones I received are just flower heads

  7. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The biscornu is wonderful, so beautifully stitched and put together.
    Lovely to see all the flowers coming in too. I have chosen mine at last and will start stitching it once Maynia is over. We have to keep you in GG while you cannot stitch yourself!

  8. Such a lovely post, Clare. I have enjoyed my visit today.

  9. Al your gifts are beautiful Clare

  10. This biscornu looks amazing, the colors are lovely and the chart too. Your Mum's work is a big addition for this post. Great to see all the flowers coming from stitchers. Stay safe. Bisous. xxx

  11. Yay! That's so wonderful. I'm so glad you've received so many thoughtful gifts. I hope you're feeling somewhat better as well.

  12. So many lovely stitching gifts coming to you at just the right time.
    Such pretty flowers, I still need to find the flower I want to stitch.
    Your Mum has made some pretty pieces, now we know where you get it from!


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