Saturday, 23 May 2020

Smalls SAL - May

My second month taking part in Mary's great blog sharing idea - it's all about small stitching, any little project you have stitched, it doesn't have to be fully finished.

Here's the full details about Small SAL 2020 - thank you Mary.

Thankfully I had already finished a few smalls at the end of April and in early May as just now stitching is a challenge. Keeping my broken arm/shoulder joint still is quite difficult even with a wrist sling. I have, over the last week, managed to hold fabric between my right fingers and very slowly stitch using my left hand. It does make my right arm ache so a few minutes is enough, hopefully I can do a little more each day.

So to my Smalls ... the first is Block 4 in Stitching the Night Away SAL 2019. It's great fun doing this with some of the stitchers at Needlecraft Haven.

My other Smalls are three flowers I have done for my church tree at Christmas. I have received some beautiful flowers from around the world.... I post about those in my GG post each month. I received two beautiful flowers from Spain today and early this week some from USA.

Just a quick note - if you are sending from overseas please just put your flower inside a card and send it letter post. I know each flower is special but I do not want anyone spending lots of money on special postage, it also ensures I will not have a customs charge this end - thank you.

I hope I can do more stitching and will have at least one Small for next month.


  1. Your church Christmas tree will be full this year, Clare.

  2. The tree this year will be so special with all that has happened in the world recently, bringing us all together.

  3. Such lovely smalls in spite of your current hindrance! Your flowers keep blooming, I'm looking forward to see them all on the tree.

  4. Thank you for joining the SAL again this month! Your flowers are so beautiful! They will make such a cheerful tree!


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