Sunday, 14 March 2021

Happy Mother's Day

It's a strange one this year with all the restrictions. Our son lives at home, whilst our daughter and partner live in Cardiff. We haven't seen them since Christmas, I'm saving up my hugs until we can meet again; it's nice they can visit his mum and grandma today, even if it is a chat on the doorstep. 

Dispite the different way we now live my family have surprised and spoilt me. My fabulous Hubby put together a super hamper, he's been buying bits when on his walks ... sneaky! 

The doorbell went early this morning, a beautiful Mark's and Spencers bouquet of spring flowers from Hubby.

Our son has eagle eyes as he noticed that when I get cold in the afternoons I sit under a blanket which means no stitching or reading. His gift is just perfect, a wearable blanket. It has two arms, you put it on like a backwards cardigan .... and there's a front pocket ... I can't wait to feel cold and put it on. 

Deliveries have been vital this last year, no more so than special occasions. Our daughter sent me a rose from M&S, it's just branches just now but the flowers will be pink peony like roses, something to look forward to in the summer. 

She also sent a large flat parcel from the National Trust, very intriguing. It was a bird feeder, we had to attach the dish, it looks great in the garden, for now we haven't added any food as we don't want to encourage the squirrel. Maybe the birds will use it as a water table. 

Later today we're having a buffet tea just the three of us and a family video chat playing games. A different Mother's Day but one to enjoy ... my family have certainly made me feel special ... I love them so much 😍


  1. Wow, you did get spoiled. I am sending you big,big hugs and lots of love. Enjoy your day with your family.

  2. I love that blanket, what a fantastic idea! My SIL bought me a massive scarf one Christmas, honestly it suffocate me if I wore it but it makes an amazing lap blanket.
    I made a rare shopping trip to the garden centre so my mum could have some plants for her garden.
    I got a book, stitching stuff and the last roast duck in the freezer because it is MY day and they couldn't moan LOL

  3. Clare: How lovely to have received so many lovely gifts.
    Your warmer looks so warm.
    I hope you have a wonderful day.


  4. Oh that rose is going to be so pretty Clare. Is it "Mum in a Million"? I planted that one last autumn in memeory of my Mum, and it looks a bit as if it could be the same one

  5. Such a wonderful day, Clare--I do hope you get to see your kids soon. I haven't seen my oldest son and grandson since October--that will change later this week! Can't wait. Enjoy those lovely gifts and I hope you are doing well!

  6. It looks like a wonderful Mother's Day in spite of the circumstances! I don't have one of those blankets, but Nathan has Darth Vader and SpongeBob so I borrow his sometimes. They are nice and comfy, perfect for you!


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