Saturday, 20 March 2021

Spring is here

It's the Spring Equinox and it does feel like there's a change in the air ... for the better. I have my spring stitching on display, it is only a few items but it's nice to put them out. 

This is a beautiful biscornu stitched for me by Justine for an exchange a few years ago, the colours are my favourite and the bunnies are so cute.

My Spring pillow is one of a seasonal set I stitched for the Seasonal Challenge with Needlecraft Haven again a few years ago. As you can see it is again purple, my favourite. 

My Jardin Prive seasonal tree for spring has been in the frame since March 1st. I have all four trees that I swap for the seasons; summer 1st June, autumn 1st September and winter 1st December. 

I love the way the trees are the same but have changes in their leaves, blossoms and fruit. The  spring design is so cute with another bunny.

Talking of bunnies my super Hubby popped to the local supermarket today, just for a few essentials as we try not to go often at the minute and have a main online delivery every 10 days or so. Anyway he came home with this absolutely adorable bunny. 

My final bit of spring is one of my Partylite candle holders, a hanging bird table but I don't hang it. Instead it sits nicely on the mantle and compliments my vase of daffodils which I make sure has blooms in from March 1st until Easter.

I'll leave you with my hyacinths, they are over 10 days old and as you can see a little droopy. I have trimmed the stems and they are in fresh water so they may last a few more days, I couldn't throw them out as they smell so lovely. 

Wishing you all a blossoming spring with good health, stay safe, stay well. 


  1. I adore all your stitching and the bunny is so sweet. what a cute bird house. Hyacinths are pretty. I've always thought about doing those trees but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I lost a whole year of stitching last year when I was so sick and in hospital but I am getting stronger every day now and have gotten a 4 wheel walker to use in the summer time. I plan with nice warm sunny weather to go up to the board walk in Bouctouche and walk the walk and take photo's and spend some time in the sun. Big hugs and enjoy your weekend.

  2. I really love the biscornu by Justine. So sweet! I hope you are feeling well.

  3. Love all your Spring touches Claire, I got mine out today too they do cheer the place up, I seem, to have a bunny obsession ;-)

  4. So beautiful spring stiches. I love them.
    Have a nice Sunday. Manuela

  5. Clare: what a beautiful display of Easter designs.
    i like the candle holder, so cute.
    Have a wonderful day.


  6. That's a Joan Elliott biscornu, I recognise her style. I have a few Spring themed pieces, mostly Just Nan funnily enough!
    I do like the Jardin Prive seasonal trees too. The boys gave hyacinth bulbs in pots to their grandmas for Christmas and they are flowering beautifully right now.

  7. What a pretty display of Spring projects. the biscornu is gorgeous as is the Easter bunny and the Spring pillow. I never remember to plant Hyacinths and I have always loved their scent.

  8. Lovely Spring stitching , don't you just love Spring with its pretty colors and flowers.
    Enjoy your day .

  9. Beautiful spring stitches, especially with the purple! Your new bunny is cute, maybe it needs to multiply?

  10. Love your spring display. Spring is like a sigh of relief after winter.


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