Tuesday, 24 February 2009

UFO Night and some good news

Tonight is JA UFO Night and I have done another flower on my Perennial Garden by The Drawn Thread. This week it's Day Lily and I think they look perfect, I love lillies.

I have had a night of cooking tonight. On our trip to Leicester on Thursday I bought loads of fruit and veg; they have a great market. I had loads of tomatoes that needed eating so I've made a huge amount of tomato and carrot soup - it smells yummy. We are also cakeless for lunches so I've made a batch of chocolate crispie cakes - just need some willpower now to resist popping one into my lunch box.

The good news is DS has been offered a job at a local vets - we're so pleased. He has been trying for ages to get a job in a practice - he is currently studying Animal Management at Moreton Morrell College. He has to do two days work experience at present but this is at a local kennels, although last year he did have a vet placement for one day a week. He wants to go on to do Veterinary Nursing and for this needs a permenant paid job at a vets and be able to do one day a week at college. Over the last two years he has sent off over 30 letters and at last he may have a place. The vets want him but they want him now so he needs to see if he can finish this course (only 8 weeks of actual college) as a correspondant. We don't want him to give up the course or it's two years work wasted but the job is perfect.

Fingers crossed and positive thoughts it will all work out - he's at college tomorrow so will be able to ask then.

AND his band have their first gig tomorrow night and another on Friday - things are beginning to look better for him. His provisional licence arrived the other day too, another good sign.

Thanks for listening to my rambling again, happy stitching everyone.


  1. WOW my DD is studying the same course at Reaseheath and is trying to find a placement for her work Experiance. She also wants to go on and Veterinary Nursing!!!

  2. Best wishes to your son and his
    future career!

  3. Good luck and vibes for your DS.
    The soup sounds yummy
    Take care

  4. Your stitched lilies are lovely. I remember buying fruit & veg from Gary Linekers dad in Leicester market, are they still there?
    Good luck to your DS

  5. Congrats to DS hope it all works out for him.
    I love the lilies they look great.
    My garden still needs a lot of work doing to it although the snowdrops look fantastic.

  6. BTW I love Leicester market, it has so many lovely fruit/veg and fabric stalls

  7. The day lilies look superb.

    Hope all goes well for DS, hope he go the ok from college today.

  8. The day lilies are really beautiful.
    All the best to your son for his career.

  9. Beautiful day lilies - this really is a gorgeous piece Clare. :0)
    Hope all goes well for your DS & he can start the job - sounds like a too good to miss opportunity to me. Best of Luck for the gigs too. Lovely to hear such good news. :0)

  10. I have presented you with an award, please visit my blog to collect it. You have a great blog my friend. hugs.


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