Thursday, 26 February 2009


He got it - DS got the job as a veterinary nurse and college have agreed he can finish his course as a correspondant.

He will do two more Monday and Tuesdays at the kennels for his work experience, and the remaining of those weeks at college beofre starting at the vets full time. He will just need to go back to college for a couple of tutorials and we have to agree to keep him on track to finish his course.

He is off to the vets on Saturday to sort everything out and discuss the in's and out's of times, etc. He is so pleased and we are so proud as it is very hard to get into vets, especially when still in training.

Last night he performed his first gig with his band Under 63. They were so nervous but played really well. The mics caused a bit of trouble at the beginning but were soon sorted. I wouldn't say the music was my preferred taste but he did really well to stand up there, play bass and be lead singer. They had also written all their own songs. We were very proud watching him, it takes a lot of confidence to do that infront of an unknown crowd.

Thanks for all the kind wishes and positive thoughts.

One final bit of news is DD has her Religious Studies GCSE tomorrow - she is only in Year 10 and is taking it early so fingers crossed she does ok.


  1. Well done Michael and Good Luck Phillippa.

  2. Congratulations x 2 to your DS!!
    All the best to your DD, I remember doing my RS GCSE...a v long time

  3. Yay, well done! Had a feeling it would go well. :0)
    Best of Luck to DD with the exam. :0)

  4. Yay for DS!
    Good luck to DD for her exam

  5. Well done and hugs for your DS and good luck and hugs for your DD and extra big hugs for yourself just because !!!!

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