Monday, 4 May 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend

We have had a lovely weekend at the caravan, beautiful weather too apart form today. Saturday was "nail" day - Philippa and I always have a manicure at the beauticians when in Wales - our treat :) I called in the stitching shop and there are 12 ladies booked on the hardanger day - I'm getting quite nervous now.

Sunday was quiet, I went to church (St. Cadfan's) it was a lovely service. I had baked a cake for Monday coffee morning - the church hold one every Monday as it's market day and the ladies bake some wonderful cakes. I try to make one too as they must do nothing but bake every weekend ready for Mondays.

Today it was wet, but we still went round to the market. It was the first one this season; same stalls but a great place to stock up on household stuff like bin liners LOL. We popped into church for a coffee and a piece of cake, Jeanette's lemon drizzle cake is gorgeous but I did resist as it's weigh in tomorrow.

We did quite a lot of walking and on Saturday we were lucky enough to see the dolphins in the bay. They were quite close in (the white waves are hitting the beach). DH managed to photograph one just as it jumped out of the water.

Some of the flowers in the garden have bloomed whilst we've been away; the white bleeding hearts and the clematis. They are so pretty, with such delicate colours.

I have been doing some stitching but mainly for the teaching day so nothing new to show. Mum however has made three ornaments for Miss-tree, gorgeous aren't they?

I made a skirt for the Grease production at school and now I'm happy with it I have a few more to do, probably around 20 I think. I'm off to Coventry next Saturday to get some more fabric but I have cut another five out of the pieces I already bought.

This week looks like being a busy one for me - enjoy yours whatever you are up to.


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend.
    You'll be seeing pink polka dots in your sleep by the time you finish those skirts

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Lucky you, seeing dolphins. Lovely ornies & beautiful flowers. The pink polka dots would drive me scatty! LOL :0)

  3. How wonderful to see dolphins.

    Great ornies, well done mum.

    20 skirts WOW you will be all sewed out LOL

    Not long till the ladies get to stitch one your wonderful designs.

  4. Hi Clare,

    You are making me feel like getting a caravan!! What a lovely weekend you had and having your nails done, some thing I had regularly till I moved here... and a church coffee morning with cakem yum yum!!!Where are you getting your fabric from in Coventry?
    Chris x

  5. Popping in to WELCOME you to the Totally Useless SAL. What lovely stitching you have, that hardanger biscornu is wonderful I bet Hazel just loved it. I can see that your Totally Useless Container is going to be really exciting. Would you mind stopping by Dragon My Needle and giving me a little closer by still general geographic location for the Totally Useless Member list, please.

  6. I have done Yoyo, sorry for missing it off - looking forward to completing this SAL


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