Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A stone :)

I've done it - I've lost my first stone at Slimming World and gained another sticker :) It a really lovely plan to follow - I'm still enjoying my wine and even when going out I don't miss anything. Hazel has sent me a receipe for a cake that is like Battenburg so am eager to give it a go, I'll probably go and get the ingredients tomorrow.

My feet haven't got any worse or any better so that's a fairly good sign. Generally I feel ok, a little down but nothing serious. Hopefully my cheerful self will return soon.

I have finished my Advanced bookmark on 28ct ready for the teaching day and now I have to start the Intermediate one. I have the "terrible" chore of stash shopping tomorrow for the items to kit out my charts - such a shame - not sure I'll cope LOL

I have done some of my new UFO, a bit of a slow start but I have now completed the cross and hope to get more of the cream finished later tonight. It's St George and so far I have completed the shield and the cross on the horse drapes. It's a bit weird stitching it as when I started it (over 5 years ago) I used to stitch \ / but now I stitch / \ so I am frogging a bit as I forget oops :(

I have started my Totally Useless SAL - this is a picture of my lovely IKea jar and a few pieces of thread inthe bottom. The first official reveal day is May 24th, hopefully it will have a few more bits in by then. That's about all for today - no news about DS. I am off to the school prom on Thursday in my lovely dress I bought earlier in the year. I'll try to get some photos to show off my new figure.

Thanks for reading my news.


  1. WELL DONE!!!!

    The bookmark looks great, not long till you are a famous designer and teacher :-)

    UFO looks good, i stitch / \ doe sit make a difference if you are lefthanded??

  2. Great job on the weight loss! Woot!

    I could do that stash shopping for you, if you'd like!

    I stitch \ /. Always have. You can turn the pattern & fabric a quarter turn and stitch 'sideways' and you'll line up with the old stitching. Did I explain that enough?

  3. Well done on the weight loss,I think the SW programme is a good one. Love the bookmark. Enjoy the prom looking forward to seeing the piccies of the 'new' you..

  4. I've always stitched / \. I read somewhere that one way is the traditional European way and the other is the American way, but for the life of me I can't remeber which was which :)
    Love your Hardanger bookmark

  5. well done on the weight loss!
    i love the bookmark, how clever are you!!
    Look forward to seeing pics from your prom :)
    I stitch \/ but I'm left handed so i stitch top to bottom both legs of the cross

  6. Oh wow congratulations Clare, well done hunni.

    Love your stitching too hun.

    Hugs xxxxx

  7. Hi Clare,

    Fantastic weight loss I found a couple of pounds that some one had lost this week! No excuse except I had 'fedupitis!.
    So pleased for you that your feet haven't got worse, you need them to do that walking to the stash shop!!
    And what lovely handanger, you are clever...
    Happy stitching

    Chris x

  8. Well done on your stone award. Remember the cake is a green day cake! I know you like your reds. xx

  9. Well done Clare! So pleased for you. :0)
    Now if you're struggling with that stash shopping I'd be glad to help you out any time. LOL Gorgeous bookmark & St George is looking great, am enjoying watching him grow. Glad to hear your feet haven't got any worse - hope your stomch & back are feeling better. Take care (((((((((hugs))))))))).

  10. Woooo Hooo! Congrats on loosing your first Stone! That's awesome, and keep up the good work.

    Your bookmakr is just gorgeous.


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