Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Hardanger Day was absolutely FAB

I had an absolute ball - it was such a lovely day. There were ten ladies, most had dabbled in hardanger but all wanted to start a fresh. They were so friendly and so keen to learn. We started off doing a few sample kloster blocks on some squares of aida (too big really but great to get the idea). Everyone managed the cutting so we then started on the bookmarks; one lady did the beginners, one lady the advanced and everyone else chose the intermediate. At times the room was absolutely silent they were concentrating so hard - Margaret who owns the shop said that had never happened on a workshop before LOL.

At the end of the day everyone had managed to complete a good proportion of their bookmark and had tried every stitch needed to finish. I popped back into the shop yesterday and Margaret said one lady had rung in to say she had completed her's over the weekend :) All the ladies said how much they enjoyed the day - here's hoping I am asked to do another one next year as I had such a good time and was not as tired as I thought I'd be.

My designs are now released for general sale - I had to wait until after the workshop so the ladies had an exclusive design. All the details are at Aimetu's Stitchery under Aimetu's Designs with all profits going to charity.

We have had a good weekend away - I have been busy at church helping with the teas and coffees on Monday. An old school friend who was staying near Barmouth popped over for the afternoon with her family - it was nice to catch up.

Sunday afternoon we went to watch the duck race at Dolgoch Falls, it was quite funny watching all these yellow plastic ducks bobbing along LOL

Stitching wise I have completed a birthday gift for my friend - obviously I can't share that yet LOL but I did do quite a lot on St George for JA UFO night - there you go Mr Stick UFO work even on holiday :)

Life at home is quite stressful at the moment, mainly with DS. We have no idea whether he will complete his course or not - he doesn't seem to be putting any effort into finishing or looking for another job. I'm sure things will sort themselves out but I have to say it's not easy just now. I am trying not to get too wound up or I know the MS will appear full blast and I have a few niggling symptoms already. I keep trying to stay stress free and appear relaxed to the outside world but it's getting harder everyday, hope things calm down before Monday when we're back at school.

Off to catch up on a few posts and then a little stitching, take care.


  1. Well done on the teaching, of course you'll be asked to do it again. St George looks great.

    I hope all works out well for DS, i have one here thats 24 but acts more like a child a lot of the time!!!

    Chill out and remain calm, sending lots of {hugs}

    Happy Brithday to Mum, hope you have a lovely surprise meal.

  2. So glad the teaching went well Clare. Sounds like you enjoyed doing it and the ladies enjoyed taking part.

  3. Glad the Hardanger day went so well Clare. Oh and thanks for the book :)

  4. Glad you had such a good time - knew you wouldn't need all that Luck. Am sure you'll be asked to do it again. :0)
    Well done on the UFO stitching, it's growing nicely. :0)
    Still sending lots of positive vibes your way (((((((((hugs))))))))).

  5. Lovely to read that the day went so well and that you enjoyed it as well as the ladies who attended the work shop, well done you.. Oh dear about DS I know how it is, my step daughters are so different, one has already a job for her summer break and the other told us she needed a holiday... no doubt she thinks this is her free hotel!
    Take care.

    Chris x


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