Sunday, 7 June 2009

SAL is growing fast :)

I have joined the JA Christmas 2009 SAL and have decided to do both Christmas Wishes and Christmas Tidings, both by Loupylou Designs. I have changed the fabric and threads for Christmas Wishes but am pleased with it so far. I haven't quite finished this months amount for Christmas Tidings.
Christmas Wishes

Fabric : 28ct Permin Linen in Natural

Thread so far : DMC Perle #12 white, DMC 304, 335 and 700#

I have yet to choose an alternative for the Caron

Christmas Tidings

Fabric : 28ct evenweave in Antique White

Thread so far : DMC Perle #8 and #12 in white

This is the first time I have done a SAL like this - I did a marquoir a few years ago over 24 months but it wasn't quite like this. I'm really enjoying it - the problem I will have is not to start the next bit LOL

I made this apron for a friend at work's birthday - she makes some fantastic cakes so thought this might be useful - not sure if she has used it yet.

I have a few more gifts to stitch over the next few weeks - the Head of English is retiring and I am planning a little beaded item (or two) for him, he's been wonderful to me since I started. My beautician in Wales is getting married in July and I'd like ot do a little something for them so I guess I'll be busy.

I cannot believe how many people are signing up to the JA Mail Art Exchange and the JA Hardanger SAL. I am really enjoying organising these and really really looking forward to seeing everyone's stitching. It's open to everyone if you'd like to join in.

Things are looking a little brighter for DS, he has knuckled down and nearly finished his course - we have found a few things out which indicate the vets was not all it seemed. He seems a little more confident, hopefully this will increase and he will soon be sorted one way or another. Thank you for all you kind thoughts and words - it has been a very difficult time.

DD is doing really well at school and has applied to be Head Girl next year - please cross your fingers for her.

We had a great weekend in Wales, all of us went (inc DS - amazingly) with MIL and her partner. It was her birthday Saturday and we treated her to a manicure - something she has never ever had. Saturday night we went out for a meal and I had a delicious lamb shank - it just melted off the bone. Today I went to church with MIL - I feel so comfortable there. It was a baptism today as well as communion and she was a little angel. At the end of the service the congregation all sang Happy Birthday to MIL - they had remembered from me being there two weeks ago - what a lovely group of people.

Finally I have taken some photos of the flowers in our garden which are looking splendid at the moment. I also have an orchid out in the conservatory - it's on it's second year and has sprouted this flower shoot new - I didn't think it would flower again once it finished last year.

Have a great week everyone - happy stitching.


  1. Great progress on your Loopylou SALs and a super finish on the pinny for your friend.
    Lovely garden pictures too.

  2. Lovely progress on both your SALs and your pinny is lovely.

  3. Wow, you're super efficient with the SAL's.... I'd best extract my digit! LOL Love the apron, such a pretty gift. So good things are improving for your DS & I hope they continue to do so. Got fingers crossed for your DD. Glad you had a lovely time despite the weather. Those flowers are gorgeous. :0)

  4. Great progress on the SAL's.

    Well done DS, i'm sure something will turn up just right.

    Good Luck with the Head Girl Philly.

    Your neighbrous in your 2nd home certainly love you all.


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