Sunday, 28 June 2009

Back from Devon

DH and I had a lovely time in Lynmouth. The Tors Hotel (and room) was perfect, just as we remembered. We booked in then walked down to the village for tea on Friday, had a lovely meal and even enjoyed the climb back up to the hotel LOL.

Saturday we walked back down to Lynmouth and took the funicular railway up to Lynton. There are not many shops there but there was a lovely arts and craft centre, so many gorgeous handmade items. I bought two mini soothers for my neck, just the right size to hold in my hand.

We bought lunch and walked about a mile along the coastal path to the Valley of the Rocks, it was very impressive. We sat in a beautiful isolated spot with full sea views in the warm sun enjoying our picnic. I could have stayed there all day.

The walk back was good, a little uphill but nothing too hard. On the way back we spotted some of the feral mountain goats, they were so close to us, not afraid at all. We then decided to walk down to Lynmouth, oh it was steep and hard at times not to break into a run LOL. Safely back down I decided to treat myself to an ice-cream (blow the diet) and could not resist a blob of clotted cream on top too.

After a climb back up to the hotel for a bit of a rest and to watch some tennis we walked back down into the village (yes our legs do hurt today) and had another gorgeous meal.

It was a shame to leave today, I guess we'll go back again to 'our room' hopefully before another 20 years though. This photo is from the path down to Lynton, you can see how high we were. The hotel on the hill opposite, and you can see Lynmouth right below us.

The diet has gone out of the window this week and I'm not going to SW on Tuesday - not only because of my slip but because Ruby comes home and I don't want to leave her. We popped in to see her on the way home and she recognised us straight away. We have everything ready, we can't wait to let her run round free as we've had to keep her on a lead at the kennels. It will be so nice for her to roam round the house and garden.

I have not done much stitching but will have to spend time on my beaded gifts as I need to give them on Saturday if possible - it could be the week later if I don't finish.

Sign up for the JA Mail Art Exchange and the JA Hardanger Tutorial SAL closes on Wednesday 1st July -s o hurry up if you want to join in.

...and finally just look at my flowers - I couldn't believe it when I got home - they are stunning.


  1. Lovely photo of the view, you may have not stuck to your diet but it sounds like you did lots of exercise !

  2. Glad to hear you had such a great time. Those lilies are gorgeous.

  3. Hi Clare,

    Looks like a lovely weekend and a superb place to be,.. diet? Everyone knows that diets don't count on holidays! You probably haven't been as far off it as you think... Ohhh that ice-cream with the clotted cream I could taste it!! LOL
    So happy to hear you had a wonderful time and both enjoyed yourselves.
    Chris x

  4. Great pics & sounds like you had an active but lovely time. Those flowers are beutiful! :0)


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