Friday 28 August 2009

Well then .........

...a quick update before we go to the caravan for our last long weekend of the summer. DH has just gone to work; DD and I are loading the roofbox and car later then going to MIL's as she and her partner are coming too. So today's plans are:

Leave home 10am (if DD gets up in time), call at Heart of the Shires to pick up my new Moshulu clogs - I have wanted a pair of these for ages, get to MIL's for 11 so I can have a rest from driving and a coffee. DH works about 20 minutes away so after loading all their stuff we will pick him up from work and it's go go go LOL
DH works south of Birmingham so we will go a more scenic route to Wales but that does mean we'll miss the motorway traffic especially as it's a Bank Holiday weekend.

I am looking forward to a restful weekend as this week has been quite hectic. Sunday I had my arm checked and although nothing major was broken the doc did think I had damaged (maybe fractured) a small bone in my hand/wrist (where your thumb joint is). I now have a splint to wear which has a metal bar in to stop me bending my wrist forward. It makes jobs a little difficult and I'm not really looking forward to the driving today. My arm still aches and it's nearly three weeks. I am going to try not to use it much at the caravan especially as there will be more people around to do the jobs.

Tuesday I had a lovely day in Leicester with DD, we had fun clothes shopping and then enjoyed lunch at Bella Italia. Thursday she got her GCSE results, although in Year 10 she had taken English (Language and Literature), Statistics and Religious Studies a year early. Her results were B, A, B and A* - we're so proud, well done Philippa.

DS is not in our good books, after the terrible happenings at the vets he has lost the plot and although he did finish the college course has no inclination to go back to studies BUT also has no job. He is treating life as one long holiday. I was very cross when we got back from our last two weeks at the caravan as all my potted plants have died because he didn't remember to water them - and he goes out in the garden for his cigarettes. Anyway Wednesday night we went to my dad's and left DS and his girlfriend here. They were leaving later and locking up. When we got back at 9pm we couldn't get in.

We popped back to dad's to get his spare key incase it was that but his didn't work either. We had the patio door key but because the key was in the house side we could only unlock the second door but it only opened an few inches cos in effect the doors were still locked together. We ended up calling out a locksmith who did manage to open the patio doors and DS had locked the front door with a key still in the inside. Apparently if both keys are vertical you can do this but once locked the inner key is horizontal and will not turn back.

It cost us £90 and we did not get in until 10.15, we also lost Ruby in the process with all the doors being open and her being nervous of this stranger banging at the doors, he was dressed in black with a miners torch on his head so must have looked weird. DD and I chased down the street and DD had the fab thought of shouting to Ruby that we were going home and running the opposite direction. Ruby was brilliant and turned and ran back - phew. We were so cross with DS - just no thought going on.

On a slightly brighter note yesterday he had his first driving lesson, he had put it off a while and was quite nervous but it seemed to go ok and he has another one next week. He is not a confident lad and the vet thing has made it worse but he could be more aware of things around him.

So you see my few days home have been mega hectic - in fact I am getting quite fed up of it all. I am a busy person but that should be my trips out, stitching, reading, cooking - not sorting stuff out all the time. With DH, DS, DD, Ruby and my dad I seem to have to look after 5 people, just need looking after myself sometimes.

Blimey that was another long blog and what a lot of moaning, sorry but it does help. Stitching wise I have done nothing all week, neither have I done any reading. Maybe I will get the chance at the weekend. Oh well off to get my new clogs :)

Have a fabulous Bank Holiday for those in the UK, and to my friends abroad - just enjoy :)


Sarah's Book Reviews said...

sounds like a hectic time, hope you have a good bank holiday weekend. i love those shoes!!
well done to Philippa for those gcse results too

Julie said...

Nice clogs, bet they will be nice and comfy

Relax and enjoy your weekend, let everyone else spoil you LOL

Angela said...

Love the shoes, might have to hunt some out for myself.

The stories about your DS sound oh so familiar, trust me your not alone with these type of issues. I guess the one concilation is that they do eventually grow up.

Have a great holiday.

jane said...

oh Clare I do sympathise - struggling with the teenage thing myself at the moment. Take a deep breath and go and have a fantastic weekend

Chris said...

Hi Clare,

Oh dear, why is it that young people left in charge of watering.... don't!!
Thats all we asked my step daughter to do and our basket was dry sticks. I wasn't cross just said what happened??? Tears to Daddy, she is nearly 20 and then one of her 'screaming yelling hard done' by fits! For once I answered back not something I usually do as it upsets my DH but I did! Now we are living in an uneasy peace and she has decided to isolate herself to her room with her laptop, very upsetting for her Dad but I am past caring. We are away next week to Brixham and then she goes to UNI.
Young people they are in their own worlds, I must say you reacted so well to the key incident I would have been furious.. poor Ruby I expect like Nell the least uoset and she shoots under a chair. We have had a funny time with her as she has chewed my beaded cushion in the conservatory and has had be-jewelled poos!!
Laugh at it all Clare life is so short and this is it! Hope that pain in your arm will ease off..
Take some time for yourself this weekend and sit and watch the world go by!
Actually I could do with some of my own advice!
Love and Blessings

Chris xxx

Lynn said...

Don't worry too much about your son Clare, my DD Janine was just the same when she gave up college at the end of the first year. I let her 'relax' lol for a few weeks then took her to conextions and she eventualy got this job at the stud farm. I'm sure you son will improve, he's got a loving family and once his confidence comes back he'll be a son to be proud of you'll see ((((hugs)))) from one parent of teenagers to another lol

Christine said...

I LOVE those clogs. I got some Moshulu clogs a couple of years ago (mine have flowers on), and they are very comfy, but you should know its absolutely impossible to drive in them. The one time I tried I'd pulled over and taken them off after about 50 yards, and drove the rest of the way to school barefoot!
Hope you have a great weekend

Karan said...

Try not to worry too much about your DS: mine was the same when he finished school college & opted for a Gap Year.... that turned into 2. They do shape up suddenly into responsible young adults with a job. Hope you had a lovely weekend & got some much needed "me time" (((((((((hugs))))))))).