Monday 16 November 2009

TUSALand waggy walk

It's TUSAL day so here's my collection

It is finally growing again as now Ruby is quieter I can stitch yippee. She knocked over my original jar so MIL bought me this gorgeous bonbon jar from the charity shop - I love glass.

We've had our certificate today from The Dog's Trust for our sponsored walk. Thanks to everyone who sponsored us - we raised £100.

This is Philly's dress she has designed and made for her textiles GCSE. The photo doesn't show it off really, it's stunning.
I'm not posting much tonight as I am quite tired. I had to cover a teacher's classes today which I enjoyed (I used to teach and it's nice to be back in control of the class) but I'm out of practice so am completely exhausted LOL.

Off for a night of stitching :)


Yoyo said...

Well, it's about time that baby started feeling like part of the family and letting you get down to some real business (LOL). Is this a new container, don't remember seeing it before...but it's lovely! Love the dress, she ought to do well with it. Good for all the doggies!!!!

Barb said...

Well done on your donation to the Doggy Trust Clare.
Also to your daughter on her dress .
Aww good on Ruby we shall get to see more stitching eh.

Karen said...

Great progress on your TUSAL. Pretty dress too!

Elisa said...

Gorgeous dress and bob-bon jar, I won one exactly the same at a raffle on saturday...i love mine too :)

Julie said...

Nice dress, hope you get A* for this.
Lovely TUSAL jar.

Karan said...

Pretty dress - should get very good marks, no problem. :0)
Well done on the fundraising. Good to hear Ruby is settling - does that mean there'll be lots of stitchy updates soon, then? ;0)