Sunday 1 November 2009

SALs and Books

I've signed up for two SALs already for 2010 LOL I think with Ruby letting me stitch quite a bit this week I have the bug !!

I haven't bought the chart yet as I'm having a good look round at all the online suppliers. I am tempted to buy the ready made bag but it is quite expensive and I'm sure with my new overlocker I can make it up myself.

I'm going to do this for next years tree (yes I know - this years hasn't happened yet LOL). I don't know what theme or name but love these designs and justfancied joining the stitchalong. The charts are being sent from Down Sunshine Lane as a special offer which will add another dimension to the SAl - a postie surprise every month :)

I am busy working on my new design - as usual it's changing as it grows LOL but hopefully I can finish it today. I need to chart it up then which is the bit that takes ages. Fingers crossed I will be teaching it next summer in Wales - I really enjoyed the teaching day last year.

Although it's early for New Years Resolutions one thing I would like to do next year is have my own web site - at the moment I use my other blog for my chairty designs but it has its limitations so I might branch out into the world of web sites.

We went to Astley Book Farm on Friday - oh my I could stay there for days never mind hour. These are the books I adopted this time :

I guess the dog choice is obvious LOL; breakfast with God sounds good to me :)

Tracy Chevalier wrote "Girl with a Pearl Earring" which both DH and I loved so I couldn't leave her book behind.

Kate Morton is a new author to me but these two jumped out and it's never a good idea to buy one and not the other as when you go back it's always gone - excuses, excuses, hee hee.

and this one is for work :)

So I will have loads to do this half term.......... wellI can hope for another one can't I? I hope you all had a good Halloween; the festive fun is about to start so happy stitching.


Jan said...

Lots of good reading - the Kate Morton's look interesting and I liked Tracy Chevalier's Girl with a pearl earring.
I've started the travelling stitcher but had to put it aside for other stitching

Christine said...

Is it your half term next week? We just had ours. Loads of great books there to keep yoou busy anyway. I'm trying to resist the LHN ornies at the moment

Elisa said...

A lovely book buy there....I have joined the LHN SAL too...looks like fun :)

jane said...

Lots of lovely things to do - I haven't decided about the LHN ornaments yet. I have read The House at Riverton - it is an excellent book - enjoy!

Karan said...

Some lovely projects planned there Clare. Great book haul. I thoroughly enjoyed House at Riverton - & you've just reminded me I've got her other book in my book box somewhere..... must get to reading it soon. :0)

Barb said...

Like the look of the dog book Clare,I have read both of Kate Mortons books and really enjoyed them. Hope your half term hols are relaxing for you.

Julie said...

I've read both the Kate Moretons and thoroughly enjoyed them both.

LHN will be great for the tree, i'm sure we can all manage a LHN ornie from an old JCs mag for next year LOL

Travelling Stitcher is a lovely design to stitch too, mine just needs making up STILL!!!

Siobhán said...

Your LHN projects are lovely!

Great books--Kate Morton is one of my favorite authors, as is Tracy Chevalier. Chevalier has a new one out that I hope finds its way under my Christmas tree. My favorite of hers is The Lady & The Unicorn, and I loved loved loved The House at Riverton.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sounds like you've got two great projects to keep you busy for a fair part of the year.