Friday, 15 January 2010

Round Robin and SALs

Tomorrow is the first posting day for the Round Robin I've organised on Stitch and Stash. I have decided to to another table topper and have chosen to use Lizzie Kate's seasons designs. I have marked out where the designs need to go and plotted it out on the computer to show how it will look finished.

I am sending to Dusty in USA each time - we've decided to use international recorded so they should getthere inone piece. It will be September by the time the Robins are back home.

I have started stitching my Fa La La for the Little House Needleworks SAL I am doing it over one which is a bit fiddly at night. I have just started the snowy base but it will have to wait a while as I have other stitching to do.

I need to get working on the Travelling Stitcher SAL as it's supposed to be finished this month and I haven't even started.

And today is the January update for the TUSAL - here's my jar.

I am loving my iPod touch - it means that every day I can pop online to check my favourite sites. It's really good for making notes, I now have a cleaning rota, a menu, a stitching log and a blog log.

Well best get back to my Travelling Stitcher, thanks for readingmy news, happy stitching everyone.


  1. Your layout for your table topper looks great Clare. Sounds like your needle is gonna be smokin.. with all that stitching, good luck.

  2. Your table topper will look great when it's finished. Can't wait to see it.

  3. like your Tusal jar, those threads look kinda lonely

  4. Looking forward to watching the table topper grow with each round

  5. Your Round Robin looks great.

    Don't the jars for the TUSAL look empty at the start of the year.

  6. That table topper will be lovely when its finished

  7. I've spent a good portion of today visiting the TUSAL posts and I'm almost getting depressed at our "emptyness" -- we have just got to stitch more (LOL).

    Your table topper is going to be great. I wish you all luck with your mailings. I'm getting seriously worried about my Christmas Mailart to the UK..but still praying it will arrive soon.

  8. Hi Clare
    That table top is going to look great, I have posted mine off so hope it reaches its destination.
    I saw that Yoyo is concerned about her mail art, the post seems to have gone to pot, my friend posted my birthday present on the 12th Dec and I didn't get it.
    Such a shame grrrrr
    Lets hope our RR is post trouble free!
    Waiting to see your progress on the Travelling Stitcher sal
    Happy stiching
    Chris x
    Chris x

  9. I do like how you've decided to do this RR Clare. Hope everyone decides to post progress pics for all the RR's as it will be great to watch. Looking forward to seeing your LHN piece too. :0)

  10. Hi Clare, I'm working on the Totally Useless SAL member list today. Could you pop over to the blog and give me a little closer geographic location than the whole of the United Kingdom. I keep a map and need to know where to put your pin. Thanks.

  11. i received your RR today Clare and will get a start on it as soon as I can. I just joined the TUSAL again this year. Should be fun.


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