Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow Day x 2

Well we had the white stuff arrive Tuesday evening and school has been closed for two days - not sure about tomorrow yet either as the boiler isn't working properly. So I have been at home entertaining Ruby and DD who is also off as her school is closed.

I took some photos yesterday of the garden and Ruby playing - it's just as thick today.

and this is her enjoying her disc when we got home today from our walk- it's plastic disc which we fill with cream cheese and her homemade biscuits. She spends ages licking and playing with it to get the food out.

Yesterday I sorted out the Stitch and Stash Round Robin. There are six of us taking part; Dusty, Lynn, Jaclyn, Chris, Tina and me. I'm waiting for my charts to arrive but I did overlock my fabric so at least that's ready. I just need to mark out once the charts are here and I can be sure of the design sizes.

I did some laminating and then guilotining for school, it took ages but I'm very pleased with the resource. It is to help students learn compound and complex sentences in a visual way rather then just reading or writing about them.

And last night I finished the stitching on my second ornament for this year's tree - Symmetry. I do like it but I am not going to do any more in the metalic thread, it takes too long and is so annoying becuase the thread breaks or twists too much. I am going to use the same booklet (freebie from WOCS) but I will be changing the thread to DMC. DS has just got back from town with the felt I wanted so if I get time today I might finish them off :)

 My plans today are to do some work for school, play with Ruby, stitch (hopefully my Fa La La), and maybe do a bit of cooking. I hope everyone is warm and safe, happy stitching.


  1. I see we are all taking pictures of the snow. Love your ornament. Have you tried using Treasure Braid instead of DMC or Anchor metalics? they don't twist or shred in the same way and I do love using them and would sub them every time when normal metalics are required.

  2. Ruby seems to be enjoying the snow anyway.
    Pretty ornament for the Symmet-tree

  3. I used Maderia thread - it came free with the booklet LOL

  4. Your ornament is gorgeous Clare.

    We haven't had as much snow but it's so bitterly cold and the paths and roads on our estate are so dangerous with the ice. We've got lots of snow forecast for the weekend though.

  5. Lots of the white stuff here and its coming down right now too. Its lovely to look at but not so nice if you have to travel in it.

    Ruby seems to be having fun!

    Nice ornie for the tree.

  6. Your garden looks pretty in the snow. Looks like Ruby's been having fun inside & out. LOL Glad she's settling down so well. Lovely ornie finish too. :0)


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