Saturday, 23 January 2010

WIPs and a HD

Well I have been stitching this week which makes a change as just lately Ihaven't had the time to do much. I guess the reasonis because I have not been so well and have been resting at night: I was off work Friday too but didn't get a lot of stitching done as my head hurt too much.

Anyway here's my first WIP - Travelling Stitcher - I am in the Travelling Stitcher SAL run by Chris It is running just in January but I'm not sure I will be finished in time.

The next WIP is my Fa La La by Little House Needleworks - this is for another SAL, this one is being run by Vonna. I am doing it over one and am enjoying it although it's not growing very fast LOL.

and finally my Happy Dance - I have finished another ornament for my Symmetry - although I have not finished it off. I am still deciding how to finish them all off so they are just stitched at the moment. I am also using these ornaments to take part in Yoyo's Christmas Design SAL. This is another design from a free booklet that came with the World of Cross Stitching magazine. The designer is Lesley Tearne and it should be stitched in metallic thread but I changed it to white and green and used some red 26ct (?) count fabric I had in my stash. There is enough fabric left to do another one.

I have been working on St George for the 2010 Weekly SAL but I forgot to take a photo today so I will have to add it next time.

Non-stitching news - Ruby is having one of her nights tonight and is being a little nusiance, hopefully she will be better tomorrow. I cannot seem to get her sorted, one day she is fine, the next she is terrible. I am trying some calming tablets from the pet shop but all though she is good to start with after a few days she goes manic. Her natural food is helping but if I can't sort out her moods I will have to see the vet. DH gets very cross with her at times.

Myself I have had the school cold for a few days; headaches and sore throat and it's affected my MS a bit as my legs have felt stiff and not very responsive. I took Friday off to rest and it does seem to have helped my legs as they don't feel any worse. Hopefully tomorrow they will be improving. Because colds affect the nervous systems they always make something else go wrong; and it's impossible to say which bit hee hee.

And finally a bit from the kids :)

DS and hid band Under 63 have four gigs coming up. If you want to hear their songs click the link - I would suggest listening to Pirate's Life, as it's the best tune and cleanest words LOL.

DD is dancing at the Royal Albert Hall in May. This is the team photo for the event - DD is on the right, next to the lad at the back. She is the tallest girl in the troop.

and finally this is my nephew's animation for his University course in Swansea.

Thanks for reading my rambles and sharing my WIPs and HD, and of course the kids  :)


  1. Your travelling stitcher is coming along nicely and well done on finishing another orn. I hope you are soon feeling a little better and that you can get Ruby settled down.

  2. Great progress on your WIPs.
    Congratulations to your children on their acheivements

  3. Your WIPs are looking great. Congrats to your children.

  4. Great progress on the WIP's

    Hope that cold is soon gone and you are feeling much better.

    Well done kids!

  5. Lovely WIPs Clare. Love your Christmas ornament finish too.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  6. Clare nice stitching. Looks like you have been busy. Your nephews animation is great. Is this for a college course??? Hope you are feeling better.


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