Sunday 14 October 2012

Fabulous Saturday

Yesterday was another Meet Up for Needlecraft Haven members and we had a great time. The members were Clare (me LOL) Julie, Jane, Lynn, Ursh, Mary, Jacqui and Vicki - as well as Kate(Jacqui's daughter) and Keeley (Jacqui's granddaughter) and India (Vicki's daughter) who was a star helping me with the goodie bag exchange.

Goodie bags
We had a lovely time stitching and chatting - I managed to get lots done on Michael's Halloween gift (but more of that in my next post).

There were times when we were silent but as we said it was a contented silence of like minded people happily 'doing their thing'.

After the meet up Lynn and Jane joined me and DH at The Abbey (where DS works) for a meal. It;s a nice place, good food and lovely puds which is the main thing LOL

Today we've had a lie in - I haven't had a good week health wise so it was lovely to rest in bed whilst the F1 was on. We gave Ruby her breakfast and I made coffee and grabbed my stitching before we all returned to bed for a couple of hours - Ruby at my feet, me stitching and DH watching tv, an excellent way to start the day.

We have fixed my 'dripdrip' system up today too - it's an irrigation system for my baskets outside. We have always had trouble keeping them watered as it gets direct sun, this system has a timer on the tap and tubes with drip points. We have set it at 2 minutes every 12 hours so we'll see how that goes.

Drip Drip
 We also popped to Dad's with the water butts from home that will now live there. We returned with a small table that Dad had in his lounge and I wanted by my chair. The table was bought for my Mum by my Dad's step-mum when they got married. I love it and it's perfect,especially as now I can have a bowl of 'sticthing'.

Dad's Table

My Cross Stitch bowl
Quite an exhausting weekend in someways but it is always so lovely to meet my NH friends. Thank you for calling by x x x x


Lesleyanne said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time. Your cross stitch bowl is lovely as is your Dad's table.

Nicola said...

Glad you had a great time on Saturday Clare. Lovely table and I like your bowl of stitching.

Christine said...

Glad the meet up went well. Your Dad's table is gorgeous, just the spot for your bowl of stitching

Julie said...

Dads table looks perfect there, the bowl of smalls is lovely.

It was lovely to see everyone again, 6 months goes by so quickly, it'll be the next one before we know it lol.

Parsley said...

Sounds so fun to stich and chat. LOVE your cross stich bowl.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Thans everyone, Dad's table is fab to use, perfect for my coffee and orts dish :)