Sunday 7 October 2012

Trick or Treat

I have been busy all week stitching a Halloween ornament to send to Philly at Uni. I'm not sure she's doing anything but knowing students there will be something going on. I need to back it and add the ribbon for hanging - I loved stitching it.

I've already picked out something to do for Michael to hang at work - I'm not sure they are doing anything but it might spurt them into an idea ;)

We've had a busy but lovely weekend. Yesterday morning we went to Dad's to do some work in the garden. I need to get the last bit cleared before half term so I can have some turf delivered and lay the lawn. Dad didn't have grass 'you can't eat grass' was his saying, but if we are renting out it makes sense to have some lawn.

This is how the shed used to look
Shed today - sorry it's blurry but it was on my phone
DH today managed to get the tree root out and I cleared down the remaining honeysuckle. I will take some photos on my camera next time. Ruby enjoyed it yesterday running up and down the garden, but her favourite trick was to pinch sticks from us. She ran off with them like she'd won the best prize every LOL.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Birmingham and had a lovely meal at Cafe Rouge (Mailbox). It really is my favourite restaurant although I do think I could help at their next training day as they don't always know how to serve Ricard my favourite drink :) It's an aniseed based drink the french have as an aperitif - served on a tumbler with additional glass of ice and jug of water so you can dilute/chill to taste. Yesterday it came in a brandy glass - no ice or water - it did make me chuckle. The waitress was so lovely though, she changed it and my second glass came perfect :)

I did try a new starter - fromage bleu, walnut and pear salad on a bed of chicory - oh it was gorgeous,I might do this at home but with rocquefort cheese instead of stilton :)

Sorry another phonephoto but
 you get the idea
We then went to the New Alexander Theatre to see the Hairy Bikers Live. It was very funny - quite different to their tv show - lots of banter, some cooking, dancing, singing and escapology !!

Next Friday we're going back to the same theatre with my Mum and Keith to see Great Expectations - we're eating at Miller and Carter first too (my first time there - hope I can actually manage to walk past Cafe Rouge to get to them LOL)

AND THEN ..... Saturday is the Needlecraft Haven meet up - ooohh I can't wait :)


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching. Sounds like you have had a great weekend.

Christine said...

Great ornament. If Philly is anything like Eloise the Hallowe'en parties will be underway. Eloise has been to two "zombie balls" already.
Sounds like you had a great night out, the walnut pear and blue cheese salad sounds delicious

Sally said...

Love the ornament Clare!

Sounds like you had a busy weekend.

Julie said...

Philly will love the ornament, so will her new friends.
I love the Hairy Bikers, they are in town here soon too.
Looking forward to Saturday.

Parsley said...

Very cute ornie! Love stitching for the season.