Sunday, 9 December 2018

Christmas Ornament Exchange

At this festive time of year Needlecraft Haven has it's biggest exchange. It's pure pleasure to be the host of such a warm forum, small in number but huge in friendship.

Christine organised our Christmas Exchange and linked everyone to a partner for whom we had to stitch a festive ornament.

Our Opening Day was 1st December and as this was a secret exchange we didn't sign our cards. It's always down to Postie when sending our exchanges, especially overseas, and this time one parcel took an extra week to reach it's destination.  We opened our parcels last Saturday but we only found out who had sent them on the 7th once the final parcel had safely arrived.

My parcel ready to send to my partner
The Chtistmasy parcel I received
My parcel was from Angi who has not been stitching much lately due to her health. It was so lovely to receive a piece of her work and to know she had picked up a needle again. I love my Snowman and he'll be hung on our tree when we put it up later in the month. As well as a card Angi also included a bar of Christmas chocolate - yummy, thanks Angi.

My super exchange from Angi
I love my Snowman
My partner was Justine. I decided to stitch a stocking design that is in my Donna Kooler book.  I stitched it on perforated paper and included some miniature snowmen and santas for Justine's two boys (I forgot to take a photo of them, oops)
The stocking I stitched for Justine
Every bit of this exchange has been great fun:

  • finding out who I was stitching for
  • choosing the chart, fabric and threads
  • stitching
  • sending the parcel with a card and extra treats
  • receiving my parcel
  • waiting for Opening Day
  • opening my parcel and discovering the beautiful stitching
  • finding out who had sent to me
  • seeing and hoping my partner liked her gift
  • discovering who had sent to who
  • sharing photos to see everyone's beautiful work

Exchanges are far more than just stitching and sending an ornament, I love all the exchanges we do at Needlecraft Haven throughout the year - thank you Christine for organising another great Christams Exchange.


  1. Clare, this must be such fun and the gifts sent and received are lovely. I really like that stocking that you stitched.

  2. Exchanges are indeed fun...lovely parcels sent and received.

  3. I bet it was alot of fun Clare. Love all the pretties you showed. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  4. Both ornaments are lovely Clare

  5. Another lovely exchange. I like all the chocolate gifts as well as the stitching!

  6. It was a great exchange wasn't it. Angie stitched a lovely snowman for you and the stocking is so cute.

  7. I recently joined that group. I'm trying to keep up haha. Love this exchange though. You both did great!! Sure sounds like a great time.

  8. Such fun, giving and receiving. You both did such sweet ornaments!

  9. Great exchange, both ornaments look lovely! Sounds like a lot of fun!
    Oooh, I didn’t know there was a winter chocolate, that looks nice!
    Barbara xx

  10. Lovely ornament exchange! How special to receive an ornament from someone who picked up their needle again for you. Great chocolate too, yum.


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