Sunday, 15 March 2020

Gifted Gorgeousness - March

It's Gifted Gorgeousness time, the third of the year. Every month on the 15th we post about any gift sent or received or any item we have made using fabric, thread, chart or finishing item that was gifted. This super idea is hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching, you'll find links to all the other bloggers taking part on her blog.

My first gift was sent to me from my good friend Kat, this great bag is perfect for my other GG. Thanks Kat, it's perfect.

My       bag from Kat
Back in August 2018 Justine very kindly sent me the full set of Lizzie Kate's monthly Flip its. I want to stitch these (and some other monthly charts I have) to be part of a sun screen for our gazebo.

Thank you Justine for my Flip Its

There is a gap between the fence and the gazebo roof and in the afternoon and early evening the sun is so strong through it. Of course I had the grand idea of stitching the pieces and making a quilted curtain .... quilting is not something I have done on a large scale and the curtain would not be ready this year.

So when I'm having a good day we're going to pop to Dunelm and look at buying a cheap pair of eyelet curtains which we can hang using clear hooks. I'm going to make the months into ornaments and then play around with attachment ideas.

I had a nightmare ordering the fabric, I want to do my CCN set and these on the same fabric but in my confused state I mis-read the ordering table so my first piece was too small to do both design sets. Then got very confused ordering a second piece. Huge thanks to Karla at Patchwork Rabbit for sorting me out, great service and delivery.

I'm stitching them on one piece as it's easier to hold but might make four up at a time once done. Here's my first two.

My two finishes so far
It is such a worrying time for us all right now, our hobbies are so important in keeping our minds occupied and happy. Online forums, blogs and communities will be an important to many over the next months, thank you for all your posts and for visiting my little home in blogland. 

Stay safe and stay close to those you love x x


  1. Your two monthlies are so soft looking on that pretty linen. Nice gifts from Justine and Kat and your making good use of both! Yes, I think I'll be doing more stitching as pretty much all my activities are cancelled. Please be safe and stay healthy.

  2. I think many will be glad of hobbies that help to ease the stress and worry. Sweet little flip its.

  3. Such beautiful stitching! How thoughtful of your friends to send you these patterns! What a great idea to make them into a sun shade to enjoy. It's true that our hobbies keep our minds occupied during this stressful time. Take good care of yourself!

  4. Oh these are darling!! :) I am certainly stitching away. Unfortunately I keep updating myself on the virus too. :(

  5. I love the idea of making the stitched filp it's into a sunscreen, they will look great!
    Worrying times indeed, stay safe Claire. x

  6. I am always impressed by your creativity, Clare. You have such interesting projects.

  7. Such a great idea, can't wait to see a picture of your gazebo! LK patterns are really nice. Bisous. xxx

  8. I have that set to do one year. Good luck with them. They sure look great. Yes it is very scary. Stay safe and healthy.

  9. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Lovely bag and perfect for your projects.
    I like your idea for displaying and using these small monthly designs. The first two look great already.

  10. Clare, you have some great projects to keep you occupied during this difficult time and thank goodness we have our stitching and blogging community, as you say. Stay safe and well.

  11. Such nice gifts from friends, the Flip Its will keep you busy this year. Jan and Feb look great, I hope you can figure out how to make them as ornaments to decorate you curtain area.
    I hope you are taking extra care of yourself at this time.

  12. A lovely project to have as you can do it in 'bite sized' pieces.

  13. What a great idea! Look forward to following your progress!
    Barbara xx


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