Sunday, 1 March 2020

Happy St David's Day

Welcome to March, the month that brings signs of warmer days, more daylight and new life as it is the first month of spring. Today is also St David's Day, the patron saint of Wales.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus - Happy St David's Day

It's also the day I traditionally get out my grandmother's vase and have daffodils in our home from now until after Easter.

Spring daffodils in my
Grandmother's vase 
This year I have baked a bara brith as our Welsh celebration, we're not having lamb for dinner but I may have a small glass of Welsh whisky.

Here's a few things I was working on at the end of February, I'm saving full finishes for my FFG post in March.

I finished another cover kit, this was Margaret Sherry's Relax with Archie. I have four of these but he was quite tricky to do from the picture and it needed two kits worth of thread so I could only do one more if I can be bothered.

Fingers crossed he will fit on his armchair.

Margaret Sherry's cover kit
Will he fit?
I also stitched two more cover kit. Piglet was a small one to do, every loves Disney and he does look very happy. My other kit was an RSPCA dog, I'd take him home, he's adorable.

This year I am doing Stitching the Night Away SAL with the ladies at Needlecraft Haven. It is actually a 2019 SAL so we have the full year's charts already but we are stitching one block per month. February's block was blackwork but I chose a pink variegated thread.

Block 2
My two blocks - I will be finishing them individually
but wanted to stitch them all together
My orts jar is filling up, I can see the threads from my February projects. I have quite a few already planned for March so there should be quite a few more this month too.

Two month's of orts
Finally a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged to stitch a flower for my 'bouquet', thank you too for sharing my request on your own blogs.

Can you help me make a bouquet? - is my previous post about my church tree for this year. If you would like to help please leave a comment on that post or on this one and I will pass on my postal details.

These are the two flowers I have already stitched ... I have sorted the threads for the next ones which I'm hoping to do later in March.
Thank you for all your well wishes, they really do help especially the days after my chemotherapy treatment. This last time I didn't go out for nine days, five of which I was sofa bound, just about shuffling to the bathroom. But now it's passed I am feeling like myself and managing to walk round town shopping.

It is so so hard to hold on to why the doctors give such an aggressive treatment that makes you feel so ill, especially as there will be eight cycles of it stretching into the summer ..... however last week we had some fantastic news .... my latest scan shows the chemotherapy is working!

My next treatment is the 9th, being honest I do not want to go, more needles and horrid side effects but this time I know it is the right thing to do and things are getting better 🌻


  1. Great news that the treatment is working, stay strong and positive.
    Thinking of you xx

  2. And happy St David's Day to you too! It certainly feels like the first day of Spring, at least where I am.
    Your stitching is really cute, although Archie looks as if he may have had slightly too much to eat!
    This month's coaster could be for pink gin perhaps? Good luck with all the FFOing! :)

  3. I'm glad your treatment is working! You had some very nice stitching this month, too!

  4. Wonderful news that your treatment is working and it will be a bit easier to bare knowing that. Such cute critters and your block project is coming along nicely. I bought a huge bunch of yellow daffodils, we are weeks away from them coming up here.

  5. That stitched dog is SO cute! Clare I am so glad your treatment is working. God bless you my friend. I am praying for you.

  6. Great stitching Clare, and daffodils always cheer the house up.
    Hang in there with the treatment, it's worth the unpleasantness

  7. love and {hugs}
    Lots of lovely stitches you've been putting in.
    Nice to see grandma's jug again for the Spring

  8. Happy belated St. David's Day!
    I do like those cover kits with the cut out cards but they rarely fit without trimming the card a little bit! He is cute though,
    Why is the treatment so aggressive? I'm no Doctor but I'd say "because it's effective".
    Hopefully as medical science progresses we can develop better treatments or as least something to counteract the worst side effects.
    I remember my Nana lost her sight in one eye when she was treated for her brain tumour in the 1960s, we have come on a lot since then. It's quite incredible what they can do now.

    1. Thanks Jo

      I will forever be grateful for those who have suffered before me, from their pain doctors have learnt more and I pray that from mine more can be discovered to help those in the future.

  9. Oh I'm so glad to hear the chemo is working. I hope your pain eases quickly. I just LOVE the dog. So adorable. I want to love on him.

  10. Just a little behind on my reading. I made Welsh cakes, but need to try bara brith one of these days.
    Adorable finishes, I hope Archie fit in his chair!
    I can't imagine what you're going through, but I'm happy to hear that it's working! Continued prayers for your healing.

  11. Lovely stitching Clare, I have the dog pattern/kit too, not sure I’ll stitch it though.
    Glad to read the treatment is working.
    Barbara xx


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