Tuesday, 4 August 2020

August - Let the People Choose

This SAL is hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching, each month she asks for suggestions for themes. These themes are voted on by members of the IHSW Group on Facebook, we all then post about our stitching relating to it. 

This month is Freedom and I was stumped until I read a few other blogs. It's ironic that this is the month Blogger has changed ..... I hope it hasn't restricted my blogging freedom.

Freedom is being free to do what you want .... in 2009 I was asked to teach hardanger to a group of stitchers in Wales who met each Saturday. I loved the idea and decided to design three bookmarks: beginners, intermediate and advanced. It was great fun having the freedom to not only design the charts but to write the instructions. It was a great day, everyone loved the designs and managed to make a bookmark, taking the other designs home to progress - giving them the freedom to explore this new hobby. 

A few of my online stitching friends also bought the charts - I donated the money to charity. I think the charts are on an old disc somewhere, although I don't know if I still have the program to open them .... something to look into as my shielding continues. 

The photos show the bookmarks stitched on different fabric counts, although 22count is traditional hardanger some people prefer 28count to give a denser background.

Beginners Bookmark

Intermediate Bookmark

Advanced Bookmark

When I changed jobs from teaching at college to teaching school, and later when I retired from teaching altogether I gave my colleagues a stitched gift each. I had great fun making small ornaments, keyrings, bookcovers, coasters and bookmarks for individual people, trying to think what would suit them. 

I also wanted to leave a message for everyone. This was hung in the staffroom above the door leading back out to the classroom ..... freedom is mental and emotional and important for us all.

My final piece for this month's Let the People Choose is a freedom I give to everyone. I loved stitching this design by Sue Hillis. I hang it up every Christmas with a knowing smile and take down each New Year with a rye grin. 

Thanks Jo for hosting another great SAL, apologies I'm a little late. 

Next month is Geometric and October is Wizards.


  1. The bookmarks are so lovely, I am always impressed with the effort that goes into hardanger. Both sentiment pieces are so true!! Enjoyed your freedom post.

  2. I love the Christmas stitch looks wonderful .
    Have a good week.

  3. The bookmarks look impressive, don't think I would ever be brave enough to cut my work though!

  4. Clare: They are lovely.
    What a wonderful idea to donate the money to charity.


  5. Clare the bookmarks are gorgeous. Such beautiful work. I also enjoyed seeing your Sue Hillis stitch...so cute. Glad to be back visiting my stitching friends. Have a great week. RJ

  6. Thanks for taking part in The People's Choice this month. I enjoyed your interpretation of the theme too. Hardanger is lovely. I will have some to do later this year WHEN I complete my NOEL letters.
    I love the sign you make for your work colleagues too. A very important message.

  7. I love the Christmas stitch!

  8. Great stitching Clare, I love the Hardanger

  9. Beautiful bookmarks. I tried hardanger once and just didn't enjoy it. Love the look of it with someone's else work though haha. I so agree with the life piece. We all need that reminder don't we. Love your Christmas piece. Christmas will be here all too soon.

  10. I like your interpretation of freedom, Clare. I have your bookmark designs which you gifted me some years ago.

  11. I love that you taught hardanger, especially in Wales! They all look so beautiful, what lovely gifts they make.
    Sue creates such sweet designs, this is a perfect one for Christmas!


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