Saturday, 8 August 2020

Summer Blog Hop

This year Jo's Summer Blog Hop is all about Stitching Friends are Friends Who Count. 

Jo, of Serendipitous Stitching, has given us all a fellow blogger to visit and write about. We need to introduce our blogger and suggest something she may like. To keep everyone guessing the name of our blogger is revealed at the end of the post .....

..... so who is my Stitching Friend? 

She is a very talented crafter doing many hobbies including knitting, crocheting and cross stitch. She is often stitching gifts for friends and enjoys stitching along with IHSW. I know she has travelled quite a bt too.

She started her blog in 2014 but I don't think I became a follower until a few years later. One project I have enjoyed watching grow is her Ink Circle 99 - all those beer bottles! Her gift, Lady Justice, for her mum's 60th birthday is beautiful. She likes large projects and at the moment she is stitching Dark Forces and The Loneliness of Autumn.

My Stitching Friend is also a great knitter and crocheter making many beautiful gifts for her friends, I love her crocheted gloves.

She is often saying she is late in posting and reading but it's amazing how much she achieves when you see her pie charts each month, I don't record how much I stitch, I do record my finishes  ... when I remember

Have you guessed yet, maybe my choice of designs will help.

She has crocheted shawls and gloves but maybe she would like a summer item ... this lovely beach bag from Crazy Patterns

I'm not sure if she already knows this designer - Durene Jones has a great Facebook page with announcements of her latest designs and some free charts. I noticed my Stitching Friend likes square designs and cats I thought she would like this Durene Jones free chart. 

(The key and chart can be found on Durene's Facebook page - please visit and join before using this chart)
Have you guessed yet? 
My Stitching Friend can be found here.

My Stitching Friend - I have really enjoyed reading your blog, looking back at when you started in 2014, there was so much to choose from to include  - thank you for being my Stitching Friend. 


  1. My friend and I recently completed our own SAL on a Durene Jones pattern, and we had a lot of fun with it. Thank you from Lifeoutsidethewashingbasket

  2. I did not guess who it was, I just knew once you mentioned the good at knitting it certainly was not me! Like my friend above I am a happy recipient of Durene Jones patterns, nice to see that one as a recommendation. Happy hopping.

  3. Great intro Clare! I just love the Durene Jones kitty.

  4. I didn't guess who your stitching friends was, Clare. I don't think I've read this blog before. I like your choice of design for her.

  5. Thanks for taking part in the Summer Blog Hop. Obviously I know who everyone had but I would have guessed from the always apologising for late posts!! I think she will like your choices for her.

  6. Oh! I wasn't quite sure until you mentioned Lady Justice, but yeah, that's me alright :D Thank your for the bag and kitty, they are lovely <3

  7. Another creator of beautiful things, yay Leonore!
    Such a sweet kitty design, too cute.

  8. Oh what a neat hop. I missed signing up for this one. I love your writeup of your sweet friend Leonore. And the freebie is adorable. Thanks Clare. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  9. Fun post. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great post! I didn’t guess who it was! Although I do know Leonore!
    Love the cat Cross-stitch, would stitch it, but I’m not on Facebook, so can’t sign up.
    Barb xx


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