Thursday, 10 September 2020

Fully Finished in September

Fully Finished Gallery hosted by Rachel and is a chance for us to share our completed projects. I haven't had any for the last few months but I do have something to share for September. 

As you know I host Needlecraft Haven, an online forum where members share their crafting. It's such a lovely group of members, there is some superb work too. Each season Christine sets a challenge for us all to stitch, one for Christmas and one for any occasion. 

The Winter Challenge was a cat design by Durene Jones  I stitched it for my friend who loves cats. It's her birthday tomorrow, the day after mine, so I'll wait a day until I post on social media but she won't see it here. 

My other finishes are not stitching but are crafting. It's hard to do anything just now but I am trying to use bits and bobs up. Hubby kindly fetched my card making boxes out of the attic and over the last few weeks I have recycled a few bits. 

The Christmas cards are old ones I have chopped about and the birthday cards are some press out decoupage pages I had. I have used up old cards and envelopes too. It's something I can sit at the table to do or do watching tv when my strength isn't good. 

Yes it is my birthday today, I'm actually very happy to have reached another year although this year celebrations will be a little quiet. I will be at the hospital most of the day having my sixth chemotherapy treatment. 

I love September and I love celebrating, we've had some great times in the past, you can read about some of the recent highlights in my other blog Aimetu's - wine, food and travel. I'm sure I'll be celebrating again soon, in the meantime I'll enjoy my coffee and biscuits. 


  1. Happy Birthday Clare: I hope you have many many more.
    Beautiful Cat design, I totally love the color of the cat, so sweet.
    Beautiful cards you have made.


  2. That is a cute cat you made your friend!

    What a celebration for your birthday huh Clare?! Well it is keeping you alive and well my friend! God bless you! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Clare! I too celebrated a September birthday on the first. It was not the same here either. You are in my daily thoughts and prayers friend. I know how hard chemo can be. I finished my flower for you...can you send me your address so I can mail it to you. Love all your cards and how you make them. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Clare! I hope that the chemo wasn't to much today and you are able to enjoy your big day! Does the chemo make you sick? I was sick after each and every treatment and was glad when they were over. The Kitty Card is super cute and what a great idea and personal touch. I am going over to Needlecraft Haven to check it out.

    Once again Happy Birthday!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here's to a full recovery and many more happy years! Your cat finish is super cute. Well done on all those cards! You are stocked up with lovelies to share with all the family and friends! That must be very satisfying to give them something beautiful from your heart and hands!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY , Wishing you also a full recovery and many happy years to come.
    Love your little cute cat stitch .
    Lovely card making , I use to make all my cards , and still do a few each year .
    Have a good day and a wonderful weekend.

  7. Happy Birthday, hope my card made it on time!
    I love that Durene Jones cat, great design. Nice work on the card making too.
    I think everyone's Birthdays will be slightly subdued this year.

  8. You've made a great selection of cards, Clare.

  9. Happy Birthday Clare, I hope you were able to celebrate your day a bit after the hospital visit. Your card making is such a good idea and you have made a gorgeous cat card for your friend,

  10. Hope you had a great day Clare. The cat card came out beautifully

  11. Glad you had such a lovely day despite your hospital visit!
    Love all your cards .... I’d love to make all my greetings cards, but somehow it hasn’t happened yet!
    Barbara xx


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