Wednesday 29 December 2021

2021 Orts

Although I don't follow TUSAL I do collect my orts. Initially they go into a little pot in my sewing box. It's an mini jam jar that fits perfectly in my converted watch box and the lid makes a very good pin cushion/needle keeper. I made the original box in 2014 but had to make a new one in 2017 as the lid came loose ... you can read the full story here but this is an old photo of my little orts jar and the new cover I stitched. I love my box, it comes with me on every holiday and sometimes on days out too. 

Once my little jar is full I put the orts into my beautiful bonbon jar that my MIL bought me many years ago. We used to have a holiday static caravan on the west coast of Wales and spent many happy holidays there. On one trip to the nearest town when Hubby's mum and partner were staying with us I spotted this jar in a charity shop window. I love cut glass and knew immediately what I would use it for. It wasn't an expensive gift but years on with MIL now in a care home I remember with a smile the day she bought it for me. 

What do you do with your orts? It is certainly quite a collection over a year, the colours remind me of each project so it's always nice to look at them one more time. I know some stitchers put them out for the birds to use for nesting, how colourful the nests must be.

I use mine to stuff my final ornament of the year. I usually start it on Christmas Day or Boxing Day and finish in time for the ornament to hang on our tree for a few days. I never know which chart to do until I see how many orts I have. One year I did stitch an ornament a little to big so it has saggy stuffing. 

I was absolutely delighted this year to discover the perfect chart on Christmas Day, my friend Deb in New York state sent me a beautiful card and a Christmas Keepsakes chart. It was just right to be my orts ornament, and to add to the stars being aligned I had bought some Christmas tree ribbon whilst in Cornwall, no idea what for I just fancied it.

It stitched up quite quickly and so yesterday I managed to finish it with a burgundy and gold fabric for the backing and gold cording for the edge. To be honest it was a tight squeeze for the orts but they are all in and it's hanging on our tree. 

My little jam jar and my big bonbon jar are both now empty ready for me to fill with new orts from my 2022 stitching. I wonder what projects they will be and what colours will fill the jar, my next task is to plan this coming year's stitching ...  fun times!


Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

It's a pretty finish Clare. It's a good way to use your orts.

Mary said...

I don't save my orts, I use my floss till the last 2 inches or so and then save the rest or throw out the remainder. Love your stitching friends box and the tree is so sweet, the hanger trim worked perfectly! Have a Happy New Year!

Purple Pixie Dust said...

That's a nice way to get rid of extra threads. Love the pillow. hugs

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I always save my ORTs but as I stitch down to the last mm there is never very many of them! I do intend to use them to stuff an ornament but I think I have only managed it once!
They must not be put out for birds as the strings can tangle around their legs and hurt them. I read this on a bird lover's blog a few years back.
Much better to use them in that beautiful JBW Ornament instead!

FlashinScissors said...

What a lovely idea to use your Orts to stuff an ornament.
I’ve been keeping mine forever! I first started keeping my Orts back in the 70’s - I was knitting and crocheting then and all the little leftover pieces eventually went into my first ever pincushion!
Must find a use for my current itsy bitsy Orts!
Happy New Year Claire!
Barbara xx