Sunday 7 March 2010

Fabulous Day

I went ot the Fabric Guild today with mum, it's a huge warehouse that sells stitching materials and quilting fabric - all at bargain price.I got al of this for £25 - yes really. (Blogger is turning my photos again -sorry)

I was so pleased with the wool. I spotted a long jacket in Prima yesterday and thought I'd send off for the pattern, then today they had this wool at just 40p a ball - amazing. It's not quite the right sort of wool but I will knit a sample square to ge the tension and size right and it should then be ok.

I have been busy this afternoon making cards for my charity funds. I used some of the card bits (and I bought loads) and made these cards this afternoon.

and I've made these for Mother's Day :)

I have alsomade a new blog today to help encourage me with my Slimming World.
I made a yummy breakfast and lunch, and DH's dinner was good too.

Off to do the Tesco order now, happy reading.


Lainey said...

Gorgeous cards Clare and what great stash bargain goodies you have.

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous cards and lots of lovely stash.

Christine said...

Thats a lot of stash for £25! Love the cards you've made

jane said...

Great stash haul Clare and the cards look lovely!

Karan said...

That's what I call a bargain stash haul Clare. Lovely cards too - well done on the sales. Have added your food blog to my bloglines list. :0)

Julie said...

Pretty cards, hope they all sell.
Great bargains, i've not been to the fabric guild for ages... might have to go and have a splurge.

Ranae said...

Beautiful cards!
Nice stash!
Feb. calendar cat is adorable.

Sally said...

Your cards are lovely Clare and what a fantastic lot of stash!

Rachel S-H said...

That was a great haul! Your cards are gorgeous!