Sunday 21 March 2010

Ships, Lambs and more cards

We have had a lovely weekend (well one night) at our caravan. The weather was a bit drizzly on the way up but by the time we had unloaded the car, put all the supplies away and cleaned through the sun was shinning. It always takes a while the first trip, as we have to restock the food cupboards and put all the bedding and linen back.

DD had lots of work to do and just wanted to sit and be quiet so DH and I took Ruby along the sea front. This year we will not be allowed on the beach as they have a major refurbishment to redo the sea defences. It is a mammoth job. At the moment they are delivering large (over 3 tonne each) bolders by sea.They were scheduling a drop at 8.30 last night so we (along with many others) went out well wrapped up and watched the boat manover right onto the shoreline and unload four containers of rock. Fantastic to watch - DH managed to get some photos.

We took this photo this morning- the piles in the foreground are the ones delivered last night - they certainly came in close to the shore.

DH and I also popped into the town - I needed to go to the stitching shop. Unfortunately there was not enough interest in the whitework course so I won't be teaching it there this year. I was disappointed but it's my hobby not a job so really it doesn'tt matter. I will still be charting it up to hopefully sell some for charts for my charities.

I also popped into the haridressers to book a manicure for DD and a facial for me - it's our treat when we go away. DH and I also decided to pop into the pub - just to make sure the beer/wine was still ok :)

On the way back to the caravan there is a field on one side of the road and there were some absolutely gorgeous lambs running around. Ruby was fasinated but didn't bark. The lambs were jumping and skitting all over the place - so cute.

It was lovely to go back to church this morning, I do miss it when we are here at home. No-one knew we were up for the weekend so they were surprised to see me - very welcoming as always. Next time we're there it's the Bank Holiday Monday so I have added my name to the tea/coffee morning rota and have promised some cakes.

Saturday night - when we got back from watching the ships - I made a few more cards. These are best wishes or new home ones,

and these are birthday ones.

It was lovely to be back in Wales, and it's only 14 sleeps until we go again.


Christine said...

Those boats delivering boulders must have been quite a sight!
Gorgeous lambs, It always makes me smile to see them skipping around

Lainey said...

Sounds like you had a lovely week-end Clare. Great pictures and I do love those lambs.
Your cards are really pretty.
Please pop over to my blog and collect your sunshine award. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely relaxing weekend for you all.

Love the piccie of the lambs.


Chris said...

Hi Clare,

I have given you a Sunshine Award, so do pop along to my blog and pick it up. This is for persons like you who are amazing and creative and a joy to know!

Hugs Chris x

Julie said...

A busy weekend for you, it will be exciting to watch the developments on the beach over the coming months for you.
Nice cards.

Karan said...

Must have been a fascinating thing to watch. Shame about the course. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Love the cards - very Spring-y. :0)