Friday 19 March 2010

Happy Dancing

I have some good news all round - firstly it looks as if DS has a job :) a local care company have accepted him and he is just waiting now to do his training. He has also been asked to go to a meeting at the local hospital radio (Anker) which will hopefully lead to doing some voluntary work with them.

DD is dancing at the Royal Albert Hall in May and we now have the tickets - phew. The coach is booked and the dance school are getting excited but it will be a long day, we will not be back until after midnight and it's a Sunday. It will be so good though to watch her dance at such an amazing venue.

I have also managed to lose my 2 stone at Slimming World - I have really struggled to get the last 7 pounds off but managed to lose the last few pounds a couple of weeks ago. However since then I have been very poorly with a flu like cold and I just ate whatever as I did not have the strength to cook properly. I'm so much better now but we've had Mother's Day so I had a few chocolates, some wine and a huge meal at the chinese - oops. I think I've put somebackon but the scales will tell on Tuesday.

I have started the Fabulous Food blog to motivate me to concentrate on good healthy food, if you would like to join please email me :

I have finally finished my Travelling Stitcher -  for the Travelling Stitcher SAL - mainly through being off sick which just shows everything has a silver lining. I love the colours and am hoping to make up my project bag soon with some matching fabric I bought from the Fabric Guild when I went with mum.

(why does Blogger turn some of my pictures round - they are not edited at all and are saved the correct way round on my hard drive - and it doesn't do it to all of them as you can see)

I am now working on Lynn's RR from the Stitch and Stash Round Robin. Her theme is butterflies and this is the piece so far. Lynn has plotted it all out and Tina has stitched the first one - beautiful work.

We are off to open up our caravan tomorrow. We need an early start so we can get there mid morning. The caravan will need cleaning through and of course everything will need airing especially the beds. We have just bought a new oil filled radiator which will help. It's always a mammoth shop to set it up again as we need all the usual cleaning stuff and food cupboard things like tea, coffee and sugar. Each autumn we empty it so each spring we have to fill it again, paying particular attention to the wine rack ;)

Happy stitching everyone, thank you for reading my HDs x x


Lesleyanne said...

Congratulations on all your good news and your happy dance. It is lovely.

Christine said...

Congratulations all round then! Travelling Stitcher is gorgeous, looking forward to seeing it made up

Barb said...

Congrats to DS and DD Clare, also to you on the TS finish ,I use mine a lot.

Julie said...

Congrats to both DS and DD.
TS looks great too.
Enjoy your weekend, hope the weather is nice for you.

Stitcher said...

Lovely finish, hoping you got my email

Jan said...

well done you!I've picke up my Travelling Companion this week and did some of it at work today (this morning) Well done to DS and DDand have a good time at the caravan

Unknown said...

Congratulations on all of your good news, and on your LHN finishes!

As far as Blogger turning the pictures, I had the same problem, deleted the pictures from the post and the computer and uploaded them again. Rotated them in the editor, uploaded to the blog - same thing. Deleted AGAIN. This time I reviewed them in the camera before uploading - found out that they were actually turned *in the camera*. Rotated them there before uploading again - problem solved! Hope this helps!

Chris said...

Hi Clare

Well done on the Travelling Stitcher it looks very nice and you've done the needle case bit too!
As soon as you talk about your caravan I want one!!! LOL
Happy Stitching
Chris x

Sally said...

Congratulations to you on your weight loss and to your DD and DS.

Your Travelling Stitcher looks lovely.

Karan said...

Fabulous news about DS, DD & your weight loss. :0)
TS is lovely & the RR will be a lovely one to stitch on. Bet you had fun sorting out the caravan. :0)