Monday 29 March 2010

HD and a competition

I have just finished Lynn's RR - Stitch and Stash Round Robin. Her theme is butterlies and I chose to do the lilac one - it was lovely to work on.

and this is it so far - it's off to America next for Dusty to stitch on :)

I bought a new book and have made some fab bread - you can read about it in my Food blog. I won't be making it too often as it's not good for my Slimming World - and I have not been very good lately :(

I spent today sugar soaping the hall, stairs and landing ready to paint tomorrow. It took ages as there are 8 doors, all the surroundings, skirting and bannister spindles. I managed to get the panelling on the landing done but not down the stairs so that will be my first job tomorrow. Ruby is going to the kennels for a few days so I can get it painted, the main problem with her here is leaving the bedroom doors open as she likes to sneak under the beds and pinch things - especially DD's cuddly toys.

I have my large knitting needles so might do the tension square tonight on my new cardigan - it's a free pattern from Prima. The wool is not the one to use so I'm not sure if it will work or not.

The spring flowers are just poking through in the garden, another couple of weeks and it should be full of flowers. The rest of the garden (and we don't have much)  is still mud but once the other plants come through ti soon fills up.

And now for my competition 

 As you know I don't stitch every night as I am so tired. I have done no stitching, or any other craft,  on 27days so far this year so my question is ...

How many non-crafting days will I have by December 31st 2010?

Just add your guess to a reply to this post. All votes must be in by October 31st.

Reveal day will be January 1st 2011 and I will put together a little parcel of goodies for the winner.

Good luck and happy stitching everyone :)


  1. I love my bread machine! I reckon you deserve atreat after sugar soaping all those walls.
    My guess is 118 days

  2. Really should use my bread machine more!
    Lovely work on the RR!
    My guess is 106 days

  3. The butterflys looks lovely on Lynn's RR.

    Nice bread, my brother had a bread maker but it got out away as it was not compatible with his waistline!!

    My guess for your competition is 123

  4. New visitor to your blog saying hello :-)
    Lovely stitching on the RR piece. Sounds like you have been working hard today.
    Now, my guess for your competition is going to be 87 days. Fingers crossed :-) and nice to meet you

  5. The RR is really pretty Clare.

    My guess is 101 days!

  6. Lovely stitching!

    My guess is 72 days.

  7. Love the RR Clare, pretty pretty purple!
    My guess is 92.

  8. Lynn's RR is so pretty - lovely stitching. Don't go wearing yourself out Clare! Garden looks pretty... it's so good to see colours again, isn't it? :0)
    My guess is 135.


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