Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas Decorations

We put our decorations up yesterday - a little different to previous years as we have new sofas and didn't know where the tree would fit. After a bit of jiggling around - mainly Ruby's cage - we have the main tree in the conservatory and our Friendship Tree is by the tv.

Our main tree

Our Friendship Tree
The Friendship Tree has ornaments from friends all around the world and I used these for the St Lawrence's Church Christmas Tree Festival 2008. This is the festival my crosses are for.

I love snowmen and out mantle is snowman themed (my get well flowers and cards are there too at the moment). Ruby trys to play with the big blue one but so far we've managed to stop her.

Snowman Mantle
I used to be a Partylite consultant and collected many beautiful porcelain houses - this is my favourite Christmas one, the skater moves round when the music is on.

Partylite Ice Skater

I am working on my Sue Hillis Christmas piece - hopefully it will be done in time :)

I think I now have the steroids out of my system; my head is a lot clearer; no more weird dreams; and only one panic yesterday. I am back at work on Thursday for just two days before we break up for Christmas. I don't feel strong enough to do the full week so two days will be enough.

Happy stitching, keep warm and remember - it's nearly Christmas :) 


  1. Your decorations are gorgeous. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better.

  2. Gorgeous decs! I love the partylight ornie. x

  3. It looks very festive and welcoming, Clare!

  4. Glad you are feeling better....loving your deco' festive

  5. Glad to hear you are stsrting to feel better. Your Christmas decorations look wonderful

  6. Love your little partylite dec Clare, the trees look lovely and what did Ruby think of being moved about. Ollie hates having his chair moved out of the lounge (or rather he is not keen on the tree being where his chair should be.
    Hope you continue to improve take care .

  7. The partylite decoration is lovely.
    Hope you continue to improve each day, thinking of you xxx

  8. A beautifully cozy home...I have a little wind up skater pond just like yours - or at least very similar!

  9. Lovely to see you're feeling better.
    And the trees are beautiful, we still have ours to do! I am all ready for the RR and have mine all plotted out!
    I did put a message on the SAL S&S and am setting up a blog..
    Happy Stitching and Happy Blessed Christmas
    Chris x


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