Saturday, 4 December 2010

Good Saturday :)

I'm still notcoping very well with these steroids - one reason why I put off going to see the specialist because they really put me in a horrid place, weird dreams, metal taste and feeling like I'm not really here - but only two more doses :) sorry to start with a moan:(

I've had a quiet day - DH took me to Woodlands Garden Centre to have a trip out, it was a bit confusing and I got in everyone's way alking so slow but I enjoyed lol We bought quite a few things from The Works (they have an outlet there) and DH had a 25% off voucher from them by email so we saved a fortune. We had a nice jacket spud for lunch which I had with chilli beef so I could taste something hee hee

This afternoon (and a bit this morning) I have sat quietly and recycled some Christmas cards from last year and made quite a few new ones for this year :)

Christmas cards made from recyling bits from last year's cards.
I also did a bit more stitching last week on my Sue Hillis design - I'mreally pleased with it and hope to have it finished in time for Christmas so it cango in the kitchen - not sure where yet though. I have the cookies to backstitch before I do the design bit under the wording.

Sue Hillis WIP
I also made the rest of my church crosses - good job I'm off work or they would never be done in time. I have lots of card ones from Mum and some lovely hardanger ones from Dusty, so with these one's I've done there should be plenty. I'm going to have just plain white lights this time and lots of silver tinsel.

All my crosses ready for church
These are a few of the Ianthe Badger photos Michael took at work, I do like the toy badger I got him and apparantly he's been a  huge success at Brandon too. Michael made him an official name tag lol

I'm hoping to sit and do some Christmas wrapping tomorrow,another nice and quiet job. I hope everyone is safe and warm in this wintery weather, thanks for reading my news x x x


  1. More hugs heading your way Clare. Glad you managed to get out today. Don't even think about others - you do what you need to do. Cute badger. xx

  2. Hope you feel better soon Clare.

  3. Hope you feel better soon Clare {{{hugs}}}

  4. The badger is fab!!

    Glad you had a nice visit to Woodlands, and bargain shopping is always good.

    Nice cards, and lots of lovely crosses for the tree, this year seems to have escaped me and i haven't done any yet for you - sorry xx

  5. Lots of healing vibes & (((((((((hugs))))))))) still coming your way. Glad you enjoyed your day out.
    Lovely cards - I love wombling. Love your SH piece too & the crosses look good.. it's going to be another lovely tree. Great badger pics. :0)

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon. Love the Sue Hillis design.

  7. Feel better soon Clare I think you have every right to a wee bit of a moan hun These meds they piut us on have some weird effects so sending hugs.
    Hope u feel better soon Lovely Cards and stitching eps love the tree piece.
    TC and Happy Stitching

  8. Keep resting Claire - I really hope that you feel better soon - sending hugs your way.


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