Thursday, 23 December 2010

Framed pictures, a surprise gift and success

I framed two pictures last night - not perfect but I'm happy with them. The first is the Ruby wedding anniversary piece I stitched for my Godmother and her hubby - I was their bridesmaid back in 1970 :)

Ruby Wedding Anniversary for my Godmother and hubby
I cut the mount myself - the first time I have done this - it's ok for a first attempt :) and I think I would make my own frames again.

The other piece I framed was my Christmas Calories piece - I don't like the mount but it came with the frame which was very difficult to fit. After Christmas I think I'll be taking it out the frame and making a cushion. It's not a good picture either, I was a bit wonky.

Sue Hillis Christmas Calories
I received a surprise gift in the post today from Constantina in Greece. She sent me two lovely Marie Claire magazine in french :) There are some lovely things to make and of course I can practice my reading :) She also sent two lovely little note books - Thanks Constantina.

Marie Claire Magazines from Constantina
Finally some good news - I've been complaining to social services for the last ten days as the final assessment person reduced my Dad's care to one call a day - he was on two before he went into hospital and now he uses a zimmer upstairs and down and has a commode downstairs. The commode and his diabetes were the issues, especially the comode as with one call it's only being emptied once a day -disgusting!!

I seemed to be going round in circles with the departments but as from last Monday Dad was back with his old care team and one of the ladies put in a complaint that he should have two calls a day as before - she complained again today and threatened to take it higher - bless her.
Well today the social have called me to say Dad's calls will go up to two a day from next Monday - he won't have to pay (the assessment lady wanted him to find someone privately to empty his commode on an evening call - Dad was mortified at this thought). And I had a call from the assessment person saying she had tried to return my call all last week (I was here off sick lol no call) anyway she was very apologetic - my guess is she was told to ring - funny how she rang today after care call reinstated.

I have tried to stay calm the last two weeks because it won't do my health any good but this has been driving me mad - Dad has more need and they had cut his care in half. I am so grateful to the care lady - Dad's already got a bottle of wine ready for her. I now have a happier Dad and am calmer Clare.

I hope you are all ready for Christmas; have a great time - God bless friends and famillies - Merry Christmas x x


  1. Great news about Social Services

    Lovely finishes!

    A super card from Rachel, what an honour to have her first stitched piece, she must have loved working with you

    The pics of the church look wonderful, i've missed all Christmas stuff this year :-(

  2. please let me know where you found that Ruby piece!! I am getting a new puppy and her name is Ruby and I would love to stitch that!! My email address is - thank you!

  3. Glad you managed to sort it out with Social Services, I don't understand how anyone in their right minds could think one care visit a day was adequate.
    Your two framed pieces look beautiful.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. I think the pieces you framed look lovely, I wouldn't change anything.

    Sorry to hear the troubles you're having with your Dad's care. I've been through a similar situation recently with my Dad going into a nursing home and being unhappy with the care he's receiving. My sisters and I have been deligent though in keeping on the staff so he gets the care he needs.

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  5. Congrats on your finishing, framing can be a tricky thing to get the right colours and to get everything straight!

    What a frustration with getting proper care for your Dad! Good for you for not giving up!

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas.


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