Thursday, 2 December 2010

Health update

Unfortunately with all the worry/stress about Dad, working hard and general life jobs my MS has flared up. Fir a few weeks I have been getting slower and slower and my balance is awful (can be funny though)

I have been off work since last Thursday and saw the hospital specialist yesterday. He has confirmed a replase and has put me on a high dose of steroids fro 5 days and off work until 13th. I really dislike steroids as I do have some horrid side affects - one of feeling drunk without the fun :( Because they stimulate my nerves to repair the damaged ones the good ones get over stimulated so I get tingling, fuzziness and redness on my skin. Last time my back felt like I'd been burnt :( I already have the fuzziness in my face and neck after the first dose. I shouldn't moan as I know they are actually doing me good - just gotta get over them :)

DS is back at work although not on his moped. The Police have recovered the bike but the Wheels for Work people have to check it over. He's been going on the bus with quite a long wlak but in this weather that's safer than his bike. This is the facebook page of what he's doing - he is Ianthe Badger. I bought him a stuffed toy which he has given a proper id tag and has taken photos ofnhim round the site. If you use facebook please add him as a friend - he is working on marking and media and needs to show it is working.

DD had her certificate night last Thursday whenshe picked up her GCSE certificates. She felt very pleased to see all the A*, A and Bs on official certificates. She was also awarded Attatinment in four subjects :)

I have been making a few more crosses for the church tree festival which is soon. They are quite quick to do and with no chart I can do them even if my meds are confusing me. I am going to try to plot my JHTC RR for Stitch and Stash too (might be too much just yet) and look for charts for the 2011 RR. There are lots of activities on Stitch and Stash - pop by and have a look, if you're not a member just say you found the site through my blog :)

I hope everyone is ok in this harsh weather - take care x x


  1. Big hugs Clare. Thanks for sharing your experiences with ms. It really does help me to understand it a bit more so I can't be more understanding to my friend. I am goin got dig out threads for the rr tongiht and see if I can start to plan it. xx

  2. Thanks Hazel - it helps me off load, also keeps a record of how I am. It's great too if it helps others - the MS Society has a very good web site -

    thanks Sally x

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

  4. Sending gentle hugs Clare - hope the benefits from the meds make the side effects easier to bear.

  5. Hope the steroids make you feel better soon

  6. Well done to DD and DS, i dont do facebook so cant see the badger :-(

    I really need to make a decision on which charts i want to do and stop dithering about if they will be ok LOL

    {{big hug}} Clare, rest lots and take it easy


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